The Regular Guys: The Screenplay

The Regular Guys – The first twelve pages.

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The screenplay is adapted from my novel The Regular Guys. Lenny and Larry are two comedians going nowhere on their own who team up and become the biggest act in show business.

The movie starts with Lenny and Larry working individually at careers that are going nowhere. While sharing a ride to a gig Lenny gets pulled over by a police officer named Ann who gives them a ticket and then goes and sees them perform. They make her laugh and she suggests they work together and even suggests their stage name, The Regular Guys. Lenny dismisses this at first, though Larry likes the idea and after some time Lenny decides he is desperate enough to try it. Lenny and Ann eventually marry, while Larry can’t be bothered to settle down.

They start at the bottom and gradually work their up to clubs in big cities and then get a break when they get a decent agent, named Morty Klineman, who soon has them headlining a free room at the Sahara Hotel in Las Vegas when Bertie Higgins get eaten by an oyster. (Larry falls in love with Rachel Rachmaninov, the entertainment director at the Sahara, who eventually leaves him for the vice president of the United States when Larry won’t marry her.) This leads to a couple of more breaks and more work in Vegas where they go from headliners at the Golden Nugget to Las VegasUSA and ultimately Caesars Palace. Their first album becomes the biggest comedy album ever and a following album becomes the biggest album of any type ever.

Towards the end, Larry is kidnapped and after he is freed Lenny and Larry decide to end their stage show.

The Regular Guys is 96 pages long with laughs on each one. It would be a pleasure to talk about the project with you and to send you a copy of the script. Please, fill out the contact form below, or call or text. I live in NW Colorado, so I can’t just pop by the Polo Lounge on short notice.

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The Regular Guys

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