The Diary of a Nobody 2/13/17 – Drivel From Sparrow!

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Monday, February 13
Had to roll paramedics at the resort today…About 9am I get a call from a snotty young lady who wanted to complain about her stay to date…Well, all right, that’s part of my job, to listen to complaints and she wasn’t happy her room wasn’t ready at check-in time and that we didn’t have a room with a view of the mountain for her, despite the fact she had called and demanded one last week.

OK, I wouldn’t be altogether thrilled with that either, but then she said her friend Emily was opening the blinds and they fell on her, cutting her lip…One of the things you learn in this business is anytime a guest says someone in their party has so much as the sniffles you ask if they want paramedics called…Give them the opportunity to decline them because what you don’t want is for a guest to say they were never given the option of paramedics.

Anyway, she was annoyed enough to want to make ol’ Sparrow’s life a living hell so she said sure, her friend would absolutely love to have paramedics rolled to tend to her boo boo as long as there was no charge or the cost would be borne by the resort…I assured her there was no charge unless she rode the ambulance to the hospital and then I called the non-emergency dispatch line.

Then I called Weekly the maintenance supervisor to get his scrawny ass over to the unit to look at the blinds and assess the damage…Then I called Araceli the assistant resort manager and the I headed out to the unit myself…Then I headed back to the front desk for the keys because I’d forgotten them…Then I headed back out, just in time to meet the paramedics who are right down the street, near the softball fields.

I’ve seen dandruff cases worse than this…The cut was so minor not only was it not bleeding anymore, it was tuff to see where there’d been any damage at all…Still tho, I have duties in this situation, so I went at it as if there’d been a mass shooting in the unit, getting names and whatnot, to include pics of the boo boo…The girl declined transport to the hospital and I headed back to do the report.

When I did hotel security in Sin City we’d roll paramedics for less than this at times…One time this older couple called dispatch with the old man requesting paramedics and I get up there before the paramedics and there is less wrong with the old man than there was with the girl today…He was complaining of “breathing difficulties” despite the fact he appeared to be breathing normally…The couple was, and I got the impression this wasn’t for the first time – bickering with each other and the old man probably just wanted to piss his old lady off, which he did…Mission accomplished because I recall her standing by the window in a huff the whole time.

I was late to the retailer…I usually start at 2pm on Mondays because regular readers of this crap may – or they may not – recall that I used to go in at 5am on Mondays…I don’t anymore, but I will usually switch with Gabriel but he couldn’t today…This really isn’t a problem because I can usually leave at 1:30 without any problem but not today…The regional vice president was having a meeting with the housekeeping department and Anyssa had to go because even tho she works for me she is still, technically, assigned to the housekeeping department and will be applying for their new supervisor opening in a couple of weeks.

That left the front desk unattended and I’m paid to be there till 3:30 so I stayed…As it was, I fled as soon as Alberto showed up at 3pm and was there at 3:15…I did some training till 4:30 when an emergency call for all available cashiers was issued, so I worked Aisle 3 for the last 90 minutes.

After work, I bought a card for The Wife…It was really big, maybe a couple of feet tall and a foot wide and is otherwise really cute…I am keeping it in the car overnight, tho, because it’s kinda hard to hide in the cabin because it’s five square feet and pink.

Our plans for tomorrow are now, officially, “up in the air”…I did some research and the restaurant at the golf course in the next county is closed, not open like I had been told…So who the hell knows…I will wing it tomorrow.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name.

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