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 Saturday, February 11
It was cowboy coffee this morning at the resort…We were out of the coffee we issue to the guests at the front desk…It’s quality stuff and we pilfer it at need for use in the breakroom, but today we had to wing it.

Fortunately for all of us, I was able to…I used the remainder of the coffee a local shuttle company gives us we had left, plus parts of a couple of national brands that had been sitting in the cupboard for not too short a time and it came out pretty good…Actually, as my late brother liked to say you don’t drink coffee for the taste, and Sparrow’s Cowboy Blend was hot, black and caffeinated, so it was OK, which meant it got generally high marks.

Anyssa went to a local fast food joint for lunch and came back with, among other things, a taco that looked like its shell was made of fried chicken.

Anyssa, is that a taco with a fried chicken shell???

Anyssa nodded her head in manner that seemed to take as a matter of course that tacos in fried chicken shells…For effect, I stared at it dumbly for several seconds, which made her laff, and she declined my offer of tasting it for her, for freshness.

She also had a soft taco, but announced she was going to roll it into a burrito.

Wow…You have that power?
Well, just make sure you that power for good, not evil.

Sometimes you just know.

For example, at the retailer this afternoon I knew – knew – the tall guy in my line was a bachelor, even before I saw the crap in his cart…He had the look…Not the there’s-no-way-this-guy-has-a-mate look like the fat guy with greasy hair buying Magic The Gathering cards from a couple months back had…This guy showed signs of recent grooming – to include beard trim – meaning he probably appeared to have some interest in attracting a mate, but it was not a surprise when he turned out to have Bachelor Purchase of the Night.

A box of croissant breakfast sandwiches…Frozen pizzas, and not the good ones either, the really cheap ones the shape of a rectangle…Ramen…A sack of mini donuts…A sack of knock off cereal and for Mexican Night he had some tortillas and jack/cheddar cheese combo for quesadillas….Replace the ramen with macaroni and cheese and it could’ve been me years ago…I almost wept.

Unknown is how long all this would last…There was enough to last someone a few days or he may have just been stocking up for the weekend…I didn’t ask.

One of the almost interesting aspects of this job is the retailer sells a variety of stuff and sometimes you see some odd combinations, but this rather stout woman buying, among other things, lacy undergarments, a jar of pickles and a car battery was a first…I said nothing, tho you had to wonder if there was some Lingerie/Car Battery Changing competition in town.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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