The Diary of a Nobody – Sun 6/10/2018

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Sunday, June 10
Four years as commander of my Legion post came to a close today, and like Grandpa Sparrow I am now a Past Commander of my post…We had a nice installment ceremony/potluck in conjunction with the VFW, tho not too many non-members showed up…Part of the problem is, I think, having it on a Sunday…There aren’t too many days each year here to outside and do things like hike and fish and camp, so perhaps we should have it on a weeknight next year, altho I’m no longer commander so it’s not my decision.

I’m still district commander and in that role, I was responsible for the installation, and I decided to go with the short form ceremony…One, there was no reason to bore everybody with going in front of each officer with a royal proclamation detailing their duties and two, only three officers showed up anyway: Commander Natalie, Senior Vice Commander Hal and Adjutant Stanko…The VFW had a better turnout for their ceremony, tho their district commander couldn’t be bothered to show up.

The ceremony includes some specific words for the new commander, and after that I saluted Natalie and gave her the gavel and Commander pin for her Legion cap…In return, she gave me a Past Commander pin for my cap, which I promptly broke…I broke out a suit for the ceremony, too, a sweet navy blue number with a pink shirt and blue tie with little light blue and pink squares that is one of my best looks.

I had some time to kill between the hotel and the ceremony, so I drove home and did some watering…I was debating whether or not drive or stay in town but the flowers really needed some attention…While the tulips have gone, the purple columbines have popped out almost out of nowhere, up against the carport…I also watered part of the lawn, but the wind was blowing to the extent that all I really did was give the abandoned house on Devon’s property a good soaking.

Prior to all this, I had a waffle batter spill at Hotel A…I was sitting at the desk when I heard a guest say “help” and I look up and he had his hand blocking the bottom of the dispenser and there was an awful lot of batter all over the place

Actually, I think Mr Karma had a hand in this…It was 0715 when this happened and I was in the middle of being relieved my usual 40 minutes late and it was appropriate I was there to clean it up because the spill was all my fault…What happened was the dispensing thingamajig that you press when you want some batter was not attached to the snout properly…Since the entire dispenser had been field stripped and cleaned and fresh batter prepared and ol’ Sparrow had reassembled the whole thing, there was no one to blame but ol’ Sparrow…About half the batter spilled, a pretty large amount, and it took some time to clean up…Meanwhile, people want waffles, and I was able to have everything clean and ready to go again by 0740, when Amy had shown up…She had actually texted at 0608 announcing she had overslept and she lives in the next county and it’s about an hour or so from there to the hotel, which is on the other side of town.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1330 Sunday until 1830…Regular Sleep Log fans know this is a low total for Sunday…Heck, it’s a low total for most any day, really, and does not include the nap I snuck in at work in the wee hours don’t you know…It’s not included because I don’t really know when or for how long I nodded off, but I am reckoning a good couple of hours. 

I woke up on my own and after the obligatory constitutional, I debated whether to go back to sleep…Tuff call here…On the one hand, you want, need, to catch up on your rest…Five hours, more or less, in 50 hours is insufficient…However, you sleep too much and you risk not getting to sleep in a timely manner Monday morning after the hotel and you have an 1800 shift at the retailer later Monday…I was feeling pretty good, actually, not completely refreshed, but pretty good, so I got up and put on some coffee and got morning routine going.   

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

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