The Diary of a Nobody/July 22

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Monday, July 22
It turns out Q may not be leaving after all…Recall, last week he gave notice after taking the night manager gig at a fancy-pants condo/timeshare on the mountain…He didn’t actually give notice of his leaving, but he did cut down to one shift a week here. 

There have been developments, however.

First, it turned out Q ended up having to turn down the night manager position on a technicality: he does not possess a driver’s license…I am not making that up…The condo boss didn’t even bother to ask about it because what 22-year-old doesn’t have a driver’s license???…Having one is a requirement, tho, because while the condo’s shuttle is shut down, you never know when you will have to valet car…So Q took a part-time, seasonal front desk position that ends after Labor Day and picked up some more hours here, so he’s would be back to working 40 hours a week. 

Then today Brandon says one of our numerous part-time girls is “probably” leaving town…He said she called off for her Sunday morning shift with Tammy and later told Brandon she was having “major” problems with her boyfriend and asked if he knew of any deals on U-Hauls…I told Brandon that asking after moving van deals means she is definitely leaving town, and not “probably” leaving town, a point Brandon had to yield…So Q will be back to his normal rotation soon enuff. 

The second floor looked like a war zone this morning when I went to deliver folios…First, every luggage cart in the hotel was on the floor…Well, all but one…Two, three rooms left towels outside their room…Three, there were a couple of room service trays…It took longer to deal with these things than it did to deliver the dozen or so folios I had to stick under doors. 

First, I got the towels taken care of…There were quite a few, and you never know what’s on them, so I got some gloves and put them on a cart and took the cart to guest laundry, behind which is a room that has rollaways and chute that goes down to the laundry room…Then I started returning the carts to their usual places: by the two elevators and also at the end of a couple of halls…Then I used a cart to take the trays back to the restaurant…Then I got around to delivering folios.

What was funny with the Halliburton crew’s coffee service this morning is that very little coffee was consumed but boy, they did blow thru the creamers, all three, too: half and half, hazelnut and French vanilla…All were pillaged, it wasn’t safe for women and children and it was only because I was a trained professional that I was able to bring some order to the matter…What the hell was going on???…Were they only drinking creamer???…If so, did they use our provided cups, or were they doing shots???…How in theeee hell to you use a dozen creamers, at least, and two drops of coffee???

Speaking of coffee, I got a new box for the back coffee room from storage and the foil packages weren’t the usual silver, they were yellow and white!!!…I am not making that up, either…And the silver was a change from purple, or whatever blue shade it was before…I checked, and it’s the same coffee, European, free range stuff, sorted by workers who are not only paid more than five cents a week, they’ve been baptized with holy water from the Tigres River by grass-fed monks…It’s pretty good, too, better than the stuff we put in rooms, if you ask me.  

Than about 0630 this guy comes to the front desk who wants to pay $804.35 cash for his room…Crap, that is a lot of cash…I had already billed his credit card (he had the folio I’d put under his door with him), so I had to fiddle around a bit…First, I created another folio and moved his credit card payment to it…This meant instead of a zero balance there was now an $804.35 balance for the room charges on the Folio 1…I then took his money, counted it, which took time because it was some $50s and mostly $20s, and posted the payment to Folio 1…Then I moved the line with the credit card payment from Folio 2 back to Folio 1, which now showed we owed him $804.35, an amount that would be refunded when we checked him out of the system.

It’s been three consecutive nights without a stabbing here at the hotel…Now, a hotel front desk isn’t like a job site where they hang signs signifying how many accident-free days they’ve had, so there isn’t an official tally of stabbing free days kept, but Gloria the Head Housekeeper and I both regard our new streak as a good omen. 

Still dead slow at the Veteran Service Office today and I am pleased to report the issue from last week, where Mr Anderson needed to switch contractors that made appointments for him, has been resolved…I had an email waiting for me announcing his request for a change is being processed. 

While I didn’t actually have a walk-in, I did hear someone outside the office talk about “the veteran service office”…Older guy, sounded like he was walking right to my office door…I was farting around at nothing in particular, so I cleared my desk and awaited his arrival and after a minute or two he hadn’t come in and I thought that was an awful long time to walk a few feet so I get up and look outside the door and no one is in the hall. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1430 Monday until 2130 Monday…7.0 hours for the day and 14.0 hours for the week, two solid totals…In fact, today’s sleep session was a triumph, except for having to wake up to an alarm…I slept straight thru, not even having to wake up to use the can. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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