The Diary of a Nobody 2/15/17 – Drivel From Sparrow!

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Wednesday, February 15
Here’s the latest on my hair:

It continues to grow…I don’t think I’ll reach my goal of having long, flowing locks but I would like to see what it looks like longer.

It might be a complete fiasco. There isn’t much up top, but what there is is growing in an exciting variety of colors and sizes. I am not making this up!!!…I have a tuft of hair at the top of forehead…The plan is grown this out so I can comb it back again like I used to do before I shaved my head ten or so years ago. It wasn’t too bad a look, especially with some gel.

Now, though, the section on the right is growing in a tad longer than the section on the left…I am not making that up, either…I have some zero clue why that is…Before, my hair grew at a uniform length all around…Now, tho, it isn’t…Assorted hairs are growing at whatever goddamned rate they want.

The bad news is that formula I started using a couple of weeks ago to get rid of the gray does not appear to be working…Or if it is working, it is working so gradually it will have the gray gone by the time I’m 90. Maybe there’s some progress. Maybe there isn’t. If there is, it’s tuff to tell. I’m following the directions, too, never a given with me. The directions aren’t too difficult, either. Put some in your hand and put it in your hair. They do emphasize shaking before and during use and applying it to dry hair and early on I learned the benefits of washing your hands immediately after use.

Saw our old neighbor Alan while I was in town, too…We were neighbors at the cabins we rented in town before we bought The Shire. Back then he worked for a national pest control company but today he got out his wallet and handed me a card that announced he was now in business for himself. Alan then rambled a bit, talking about why he was doing this, tho he didn’t actually say why, which was sorta confusing…Still tho, he was in very good spirits about the whole matter, saying there’s a lot of business in town…I told him I would put his card on our refrigerator, which I did, tho we haven’t needed pest control services yet.

The Wife made an omelet for dinner last night…What’s funny when The Wife makes an omelet is she opens the door to the frig and starts removing lots of stuff to put in the omelet and I always end up thinking wow, that’s sure gonna be an awfully big omelet…As it was, this one ended up with spinach and some cheese and lots of other things, too, and we even added some of those hot/sweet pickles Sir Allan bought when he was here….The eggs were merely a delivery system for everything else!

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