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Thursday, February 16
The bread wars are on here at the house.

On the one side, The Wife and Her Majesty, with gluten free, organic sprouted crap that’s named after a book of the Bible…In the other corner, and on my plate, is some regular, house brand wheat bread…Not the cheap, buck-and-a-half a loaf crap, but the quality Signature brand, on sale for $2.99,

I tried…I really tried with the gluten free bread…But it sucks…It taste like pasteboard, or what I would figure pasteboard would taste like if I’d ever bothered to make a sandwich out of it…Every brand they’ve bought has blown, too…It all taste lousy, if you ask me.

In a major concession, however, I did listen to Her Majesty’s advice and I try to buy bread without high fructose corn syrup which even my modest research shows doesn’t do us humans that much good…But otherwise, I am pro-gluten because I like sandwiches (and toast) that doesn’t taste like a kid’s art project.

My new desk chair came today!!!…Right on schedule, too….I ordered it Tuesday, online from the retailer’s website and it said it would be here Thursday, free shipping, too…I was kinda skeptical buying something like this from the retailer because sometimes the quality isn’t first-rate, but it was a leading national brand,  looked sharp, had a high back and cost less than a C note.

Thank goodness Her Majesty is living with us…Regular readers of this crap know it would take me three hours, minimum to put this together, even with idiot-proof instructions, but Her Majesty, with some zero help from me, had it together in 20 minutes.

At the Thursday supervisors/managers meeting we again went over stuff from the mock QA audit we did last week…I was pleased to report, on behalf of the front desk because Julie’s out for a while, that we are doing a great job of putting tags on luggage guests leave at the front desk…This happens regularly, either because they are waiting to check-in or they have checked out and are waiting for transportation…In the past, we didn’t use them because we couldn’t find them and we got lucky that no bags ever came up missing, especially on some recent Sunday’s where tons guests, probably peeved they didn’t get a late checkout, came and left dozens of bags.

We are also doing better on our shift checklists…Not perfect, but better…For this month we only had two that were left blank, which is an improvement over past months when we only had two that were filled in.

Also at the meeting, we talked about openings at the front desk with someone noting that Rosa from Housekeeping was interested in transferring and seeing first hand the Wonders of the Front Desk…I made a face at Heather the Housekeeping Manager, because we lose people transferring from the front desk fairly regularly…Heather was plainly not pleased at the prospect of losing Rosa, her pain about equaling my glee at the prospect of getting her.

After the meeting I made it a point to stop Heather and make a pest of myself:

Heather, when do you think would be a good time to get Rosa by the front desk???…You know, just for orientation and stuff…

Heather’s look was funny, indicating her personal feeling was that no time would be good to get Rosa by the front desk.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name.

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