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Friday, February 17
Damn, Tanya came in today about noon and said she was scared…I am not making this up!!!…At first, I thought it was my hair growing out that scared her, but she said no, immigration was in town and rounding people up.

Crap, that is something I can’t even relate to. Tanya and her family came to the states when she was about three, which is about 17 years ago because she’s 20 or so now…Tanya said she has a card authorizing her to work in the US, but that’s about it…She isn’t a citizen…I told Tanya not to jump off any bridges until she got to them but that didn’t do any good, she was fretting the whole afternoon, constantly on the phone looking for updates, in case she needed to flee…I told her it wasn’t likely they were taking away people already authorized to work here, but she insisted they were taking away non-citizens regardless.

Not only that, she’s worried about her family, her boyfriend and pretty much every non-white in town, too. She was explaining their assorted statuses and it got kind of confusing, frankly.

Later, I’m in the office doing some supervisor stuff and Tanya is at the desk talking to someone and I think I hear him asking for another front desk clerk so immediately I get worried…I peek out and it’s some kid in a ballcap and big earphones, so I’m breathing easier because it’s not the fuzz, unless they’ve completely changed how they go undercover nowadays. I asked Tanya what they guy wanted because I heard the clerk’s name mentioned and she said he knew her and was asking about working here.

Tanya added the other girl is “Gucci” because she’s married to a US citizen.

I changed the bottle on the water cooler in the break room today, for the first time in a while, and I am pleased to report the inside remains mold free…Regular readers of this crap might – or they might not – recall that a couple-three months ago I was changing the water bottle and saw some green stuff inside…I reported this to Jason the Maintenance Manager and, later, the water delivery guy, both of whom waved it off as nothing to worry about…I didn’t really believe this, but seeing as I’d been drinking from the cooler for a year and was still alive seemed a pretty good sign…I cleaned the mold off and it hasn’t returned since, so I think we might be OK.

Julie, our new manager is gone…She had been suspended earlier in the week and we had an email today saying she no longer our manager.

Sigh…Another one gone…I have no idea why, either, but I am sad to see her go. Julie always treated me well and was funny and we got along great…The position is open and The Wife has already encouraged me to apply but I don’t know…I got turned down last time, recall, but I probably will anyway.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name.

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