The Diary of a Nobody 2/7/17 – Drivel From Sparrow!

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Tuesday, February 7
Went to the next county with Sir Allan today…Recall there’s a really good meat shop there, and Allan was interested in going there…Not because we need anymore meet in the house – we don’t, we have enough to feed the crew of a small frigate – but because they have an awful lot of sauces and seasonings and a grill guru like Sir Allan needs his options…All told, he spent almost $50 in seasonings and whatnot, most of which he’s taking home with him.

We also went to a hardware store, and the grocery store in town…Before we pulled out Sir Allan noted this had the makings of a pretty good guy trip.

– A butcher shop and a hardware store…Can’t get any more manly than that…
– Maybe there’s a strip joint out there, too!!!
– I don’t think we want to go to a strip joint in the next county… 

Good point.

We had to go to the hardware store because Sir Allan was repairing the screen door and that thingamajig on the stop that regulates opening and closing came off…It came off when the door was being repaired because there was a hitch in it, which is a Sparrow Technical Term (STT) for you had to lift it a bit when closing it before it would catch on the latch.

The big news is we switched coffee brands!!!…I am not making that up!!!We had been rolling with a leading national brand, but while in the next county I stopped at the grocery store there to see if they had their house brand breakfast blend, which is really good, one of my faves…The Wife doesn’t like it, but she wasn’t there for consultations.

Sir Allan was, tho, and he suggested Chock Full O’ Nuts…I looked at him…His opinion carries weight with me, so I said sure and immediately authorized the brewing of an afternoon pot of coffee to test drive it…It was really good, too, tho you can never really tell until the first morning pot is down the hatch.

Had a pretty good workout, my first in a couple of weeks…Recall last week I had the fitness test on Tuesday and fitness test recovery on Wednesday, so I didn’t pump any iron…Today I got a regular workout in, plus some cardio and even sat in the sauna for a while before heading to the hot tubs for my soak.

We have yet another visitor!!!…Cheyenne, a friend of Her Majesty’s from the Navy came is coming in later tonight, well after I will have retired…She is flying in to the big city and taking the shuttle into town and Her Majesty and Allan will pick her up…I suppose as a proper host I should probably wait up, but The Wife will be up to welcome her.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name.

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