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Thursday, October 11
While The Wife and I haven’t kept complete track over the years, we’re both pretty sure we set a record for Most Hash Browns Consumed At One Sitting.

It wasn’t intentional.

We were enjoying a meal at the new breakfast place in town, the place we tried to go to yesterday but they were closed…The Wife ordered Eggs in a Nest – it’s eggs inside of toast that has the center holed out – and I had a breakfast burrito and we got a half-order of biscuits – actually biscuit – and gravy just for funsies…The waitress brought The Wife’s order and the biscuit and gravy first and they both came with hash browns…Someone screwed up, tho, and The Wife’s eggs came out fried instead of scrambled and before sending it back she put the hashbrowns and bacon on the biscuit and gravy plate and sent the eggs and toast back and The Wife and I enjoyed the makeshift appetizer….When her Eggs in a Nest returned it had another side of hash browns and so did my breakfast burrito…Four sides of hashbrowns.

They were pretty good, too…Not Hashbrowns of the Year, but nothing to sneeze at, either…Everything, actually, was really good but the service is insanely slow and got slower as people started filing in for lunch.

After we got home we went thru the motions of cleaning the house, but The Wife is still beat from her stint at the out-of-town retailer, so she declared a General Holiday and she spent the rest of the day at leisure, napping and playing solitaire on her laptop.

Attended the Post 44 Legion meeting tonight, the first in a few years I didn’t preside over…Recall I missed last month because I was recuperating from the falsies being installed and it was good to see everybody again…Some were at the candidate’s forum disaster and we talked about that and there were a couple of new members, too.

After years of sitting in the same place I had to find a place to sit because – kind of like church – the same people tend to sit in the same places and you don’t want to kick anybody out of an established spot…There’s a big oval table in the meeting room and the commander sits at the head, the end near the window, and I ended up at the back of the table, between Chuck and Christina.

We spent no small amount of time talking about our Veteran’s Day plans…It’s a mess this year because Veteran’s Day is on Sunday…Usually, the breakfast at the VFW and the school presentations and our appearance at the senior’s home are all on the same day but this isn’t possible on Sunday, so some stuff is going to be on Friday, some on Monday and I think one thing was scheduled for the prior Wednesday, too and good luck getting everyone to go to everything.

The running joke tonight was let the VFW pay for it…It started early on, during the financial report, when it turned out the VFW has 15 grand in the bank and our Legion post only has a few hundred bucks lying around…There’s more to it than that, of course…The VFW needs a new roof and taxes on their building downtown will be due and what not while Legion operating funds are mostly kept in another account and transferred to our checking account at need…There was one joint event the VFW was going to pay for because they are so flush with cash, but we ended up splitting it 50/50 and Chuck kept saying, whenever there was a vote about money, to let the VFW pay for it…I got a funny in when Pat’s phone went off and Rick said that would be a $5 fine and I said you know, it’s a joint meeting, it really should be a $10 fine which was got some laffs but is hardly a Line of the Year candidate.  

(The Legion, by the by, sold their old building to the city, which they tore down so they could build their new library. We lease space, an office and a conference room, for $1 a year, in their community center)

We also voted to have a Christmas party this year and this is actually our last meeting till after the New Year.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:  0030 Thursday until 0930 Thursday…Without the odd hours I used to keep, the Sleep Log is now kept merely out of habit.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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