The Daily Dose/October 11, 2018

The Daily Dose/October 11, 2018
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

In The News
Yet another headline caught our eye:

North Korean Leader Invites Pope For Visit

Now, we know dictators need their share of attention, that’s one of the reasons they became dictators, but inviting the Pope over is bizarre even for current North Korean dictator Kim Jung-un, although the cynical in the audience might well say this would merely be a meeting of two dictators and what’s the big deal?

It’s a farce, of course, because North Koreans have about as much religious freedom as, well, a North Korean and usually aren’t permitted to worship anything other than the Kim dictators. A papal visit would like inviting a vegan over for a barbecue. Do not expect this to happen.

While there is not official Daily Dose policy on the matter, if we were a world leader, and we’re not – yet – we would not accept an invitation to so much as issue Kim Jong-un a curt nod, without North Korea closing the forced labor camps some of their citizens are held in.

Today at the Site
Sparrow and The Wife spend a very pleasant morning together on the today’s edition of The Diary of a Nobody. They go out to breakfast, where Sparrow makes the waitress put his hotcakes on a bigger plate, and when they get home The Wife puts the baseball jersey of her favorite team she bought at a thrift store in a pot and boils it in water, which Sparrow had never seen before.

For goodness sakes, put a stack of hotcakes on a regular-sized plate because otherwise, it feels like you’re eating a side dish…Plus, there’s no room for syrup and certainly no room for the man-sized hunks of sausage a growing boy like me requires…

We apologize for the one day delay and are pleased to present The Bottom Ten/NFL Week 7 today. With Arizona winning their first game every NFL team has a win and the race for The Dan Henning Trophy – symbolic of NFL Bottom Ten supremacy, promises to be the tightest in ages.

8. Oakland Raiders (1-4; lost to Los Angeles Chargers 26-10) – Raiders show cursory early interest, rallying for second quarter tie, before settling in, getting outscored 23-7 the rest of the way…55 penalty yards, 41 rushing yards give Raiders weekly best 1.341-to-1 Penalty Yard-to-Rushing Yards ration…Next Loss: Seattle

The Thought for the Day will return.

On This Date
In 1976 – George Washington, who retired from US Army service as Lieutenant General, then the highest rank in the Army, is appointed General of the Armies after President Ford approved Congress’ resolution approving it.  The act gives Washington precedence over all other Army officers. The appointment was retroactive to America’s bicentennial, July 4, 1976.

In 1865 – John Wesley Hyatt patents the first billiard ball. It was made of cellulose nitrate, which Hyatt named Celluloid. Earlier billiard balls had been made of ivory. Hyatt was a versatile man and is in both the Plastics and the Inventors halls of fame.

In 1980 – Another One Bites the Dust by Queen is at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the second of three weeks. It was the second and final #1 by Queen, following Crazy Little Thing Called Love which has spent four weeks at #1 earlier in the year. The song also went to #1 in Holland and Canada, and also went to #2 on Billboard’s Hot Soul Singles chart, then the biggest hit by a British act on Billboard’s soul chart.

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
The first American to earn separate Medals of Honor in different wars was Army officer Frank Baldwin, for actions in the Civil War (1864) and in the Indian Wars (1874)

Today’s Stumper
What other US Army officer was promoted to the rank of General of the Armies? – Answer next time!

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