The Thought for the Day/Charles Kuralt

But his time is not now, and so the legend dies.
Charles Kuralt

Charles Kuralt (1934-97) was an American journalist, known primarily for his work with CBS Television. A friendly, folksy sort, Kuralt made his biggest splash when he got out of the hard news racket he never really liked and started hosting On the Road With Charles Kuralt. Later he anchored CBS News Sunday Morning. Today’s Thought, however, comes from an old CBS Radio feature called News Notes and Comment. It was hosted by a variety of CBS radio and TV personalities, and we heard it daily when we were an announcer at a small CBS affiliate in the southern California desert. It is one of the earliest quotes in our quotebook, though unfortunately, we neglected to note whom Kuralt was referring to, though Paul Bunyan keeps popping into our mind.

There are times when we are needed, summoned and used, and times when we are not. We may not be entirely dismissed, but other stars might happen to be brighter at a certain time. It’s the way the world is built.

Key is to recognize these times. When we are needed, we should go. Circumstances require putting to use the talents we were born with and this why we were put on this planet, to utilize them when needed, and we are not doing ourselves or anyone else any good when we take a pass on these opportunities. It’s why nature issued us these talents in the first place: to use them to further ourselves and others.

Similarly, there will be times when our talents may not be summoned. When this happens it is best not to assert ourselves and force ourselves on people or situations. Lulls like this are part of the natural order, and, like virtually any other circumstance, can be put to advantage by resting and preparing for the next time nature and circumstance need you.

…and so the legend dies.

Legends do die, so let’s leave being legendary to others. If we have a plan for our lives and have the courage to execute that plan and the patience to see it through to the end our body might die, but our spirit will live on in those we’ve touched.

Quotes are from Gaylon’s personal quote book, begun in 1988 in a hotel room in Berkeley, California.

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