The Thought for the Day – John Creasey

Cash down ‘ol boy, don’t blame anyone but the customer. – John Creasy, Day of Fear

While nobody will mistake John Creasy (1908-73) for Gore Vidal or Henry David Thoreau around here, this is the second quote of his that has been included in this feature, not too bad for a crime writer, an accomplishment of probably no merit. The British Creasy was prolific, too, producing over 600 novels an astonishing, and perhaps enviable, total. We’ll be honest, we read this book in the early 90’s and we do not remember what it is about, though we do recall today’s Thought centering around one character signing up for some adventure with another character.

Cash down ‘ol boy…

This entire life is cash down. We wake up every morning with 24 hours awaiting us. They are there every day, too, relentless, and what we get out of this life depends on how we use those 24 hours. Those that get on in this life put those 24 hours to advantage and they do this every day.

No matter we do or do not accomplish in this life when we die we are taking nothing with us. This is true regardless of what your spiritual beliefs, if any, tell you about the afterlife. Our human form ends when our time on this planet ends and, frankly, no one really knows where we go after that.

…don’t blame anyone but the customer.

We are the customer in our life’s journey and the cash we put down is the effort we are willing to put into achieving the goals that stem from inside us. When the time comes to review our lives, probably when our time comes to die, we will be the sole examiner, judging whether or not we invested our life’s cash well, or whether we squandered it.

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