The Thought for the Day – Mike Deasy

He never made no dream/Without the way to get her done. – Mike Deasy, The Wings of an Eagle

Mike Deasy is an American singer, songwriter and musician who has built a successful career as a session musician in Los Angeles, including, among other things, work on the seminal Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. His wife Kathie also sings on this song, which we came across while watching a 1970’s era documentary on San Quentin State Prison. This song is used in the opening credits and we were immediately struck by the lyrics which are meant to inspire the listener to chase their dreams, a familiar theme for this feature. 

Deasy came to Christianity as an adult and the He referred to is God, but even if you do not have specific religious beliefs you can put today’s Thought to work for you, regardless of what defining force of your life happens to be.

He never made no dream…

All of us have things we want to do. As kids, we went to bed at dreaming of doing big things and no kid goes to bed at night dreaming of being average or coming in second place or of receiving a government check every month. As we get older, childhood dreams change into the path we were meant to follow as adults. Some follow the path they were meant to take, others ignore it.

…without the way to get her done.

Nature being nature, she has also ensured that we enjoy doing the things we have a knack for, and the most fulfilling lives are spent by those who get the most out of the talents they are born with. It doesn’t matter what they are, either. All that matters is that we identify them and get the most out of them. They probably won’t cause us to live down the ages – or play on albums that do – but they will result in the life we were meant to lead – life’s great prize.

The Thought for the Day runs regularly. Gaylon began stockpiling quotes in 1988. 

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