The Regular Guys – A Novel by Gaylon Kent

It’s Lenny and Larry, two comedians going nowhere on there own who team up to become the biggest act in show business.


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The Regular Guys
A Novel
Gaylon Kent

Chapter 1
Lenny and Larry, on their way to a show, get pulled over by Ann, the future Mrs. Lenny.

Chapter 2
Ann watches Lenny and Larry work and suggests they work together.

Chapter 3
Lenny and Larry work together as professionals for the first time.

Chapter 4
Lenny frets because The Regular Guys aren’t big stars yet.

Chapter 5
Lenny and Larry meet Morty, who will later become their agent.

Chapter 6
Lenny and Larry play Vegas for the first time.

Chapter 7
Larry chats with gossip columnist Ray Evans.

Chapter 8
Lenny’s parents come to Vegas to see Lenny and Larry perform.

Chapter 9
Lenny and Larry open for Toby Flotsam and the Emoticons on New Year’s Eve in Vegas.

Chapter 10
Lenny and Larry get an offer to headline at the Golden Nugget.

Chapter 11
Lenny and Larry play blackjack after their first show at the Golden Nugget.

Chapter 12
Larry’s sort-of girlfriend Rachel has a marriage proposal and it’s not from Larry.

Chapter 13
Larry has another colossal romance fail.

Chapter 14
Lenny and Larry accept an offer to headline on the Las Vegas Strip.

Chapter 15
It’s opening night as Lenny and Larry debut as Strip headliners.

Chapter 16
Lenny gets a small town haircut he immediately regrets.

Chapter 17
The Regular Guys fill in for a couple of weeks at Caesars Palace.

Chapter 18
Lenny and Larry become permanent headliners at Caesars Palace

Chapter 19
Lenny and Lenny do their first show as permanent Caesars Palace headliners.

Chapter 20
Lenny’s girlfriend Ann becomes chief of police.

Chapter 21
The Regular Guys first CD, The Comedy Delivery System, is released.

Chapter 22
Lenny and Ann get married and The Regular Guys embark on a national tour.

Chapter 23
Larry is kidnapped.
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Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI

Chapter 24
Lenny and Larry return to the stage.

Chapter 25
Lenny and Larry announce their retirement

Chapter 26
It’s the final show for Lenny and Larry. The journey is over.


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