The Bottom Ten/NFL Week 10

The Bottom Ten/NFL Week 10
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

The race for The Dan Henning Trophy – symbolic of NFL Bottom Ten supremacy – could get clearer the next couple of weeks or, as likely as not, it could get more muddled as #1 San Francisco has showdowns with #2 New York (N) and #3 Oakland coming up. The 49ers can take command of the race or either the Giants or Raiders – or both! – could assert themselves with losses.

Veteran B-10 fan(s) know, however, that you count out two (2)-time defending champion Cleveland at your peril as the Browns have lost three (3) straight and recently took their head coach and offensive coordinator out back for summary executions. 

This week’s fiasco, as the nags limp up the backstretch:

1. San Francisco 49ers (1-7; lost to Arizona 18-15) – Defense unable to hold 2-0 first-quarter lead in sixth straight loss…With next two games against Raiders, Giants, 49ers entering make-or-break portion of schedule…Next Loss: Oakland (11/1)

2. New York Giants (1-7; lost to Washington 20-13) – Giants show they are primed for 49er showdown with 37-yards rushing while showing mastery of fundamentals with eleven (11) penalties…Current five (5)-game skid second best in league…Next Loss: at San Francisco (11/12)

3. Oakland Raiders (1-6; lost to Indianapolis 42-28) – Versatile Raiders overcome deficits, blow leads, becoming first team in 2018 with two (2) three(3)-game losing streaks…Raiders off to worst start since 2014 immortals started 0-10…Next Loss: at San Francisco (11/1)

4. Buffalo Bills (2-6; lost to New England 25-6) – Bills offense struts stuff on prime time TV, declining to convert ten (10) of fourteen (14) third (3rd) down conversion opportunities, sealing game with fourth-quarter interception return for touchdown…Next Loss: Chicago

5. Cleveland Browns (2-5-1; lost to Pittsburgh 33-18) – With quest for B-10 three (3)-peat mired in four (4)-win pace for 2018, ownership takes charge firing head coach, offensive coordinator…B-10 pollsters still “pretty sure” they remain unclear on how tie will affect B-10 rankings…Next Loss: Kansas City

6. AFC South (14-17) – Back in its natural habitat, division easy pick for weekly Pete Rozelle Award, issued to NFL’s worst division…Can take command of race for end-of-season Pete Rozelle Award if Jaguars and Titans can continue current losing streaks…Next Loss: Automatic entry in NFL playoffs, as league looks to farm champion off to college sub-regionals.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-5; lost to Philadelphia 24-18) – They’re back!!!…Former B-10 medal stand staple returns to survey with latest four (4)-game skid…Jaguars enjoying so much dissension owner Shad Khan again threatening beheadings if Jaguars don’t claim long-awaited first B-10 title….Next Loss: at Indianapolis

8. Queen ElizabethNot for first time, British monarch threatening to revoke Treaty of Ghent which ended War of 1812 if NFL doesn’t stop sending lousy Jaguars team that doesn’t pay bar tab, score touchdowns.

9. Indianapolis Colts (3-5; defeated Oakland 42-28) – Colts show how difficult it is to cross country and lose in NFL, unable to overcome hapless Raiders…Could benefit from big strength of schedule points if Raiders continue B-10 medal stand run..Next Loss: Jacksonville

10. NFLTV ratings are up a bit, but there’s some bad football being played, as half of NFL teams have only won at least three (3) games at halfway point…With youth football participation still declining, B-10 pollsters still aren’t entirely sure there will be Super Bowl 100.

This Week’s Clash of the Titans: Oakland at San Francisco (11/1)
This Is Don Criqui Reporting: Chicago at Buffalo  
Lousy Game Actually Being Played On Sunday: Jacksonville at Indianapolis


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