The Daily Dose/Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Daily Dose/November 23, 2021
By Gaylon Kent – America’s Funniest Guy™

Leading Off
Notes from around the human experience. 

Leading Off is running intermittently for the time being. 

Today At The Site
Writing worth reading. Usually. 

The Diary of a Nobody – Sparrow as the latest office supply news from the hotel. Today’s Diary. 

In news from the office supply desk, we are running out of paper clips…

The Bottom Ten/NCAA Week 13 – It’s the ESPNCup or bust, as the race for Bottom Ten glory simply does not stop. 

Commodores still reeling from turn-of-century decision to merge Athletic, Student Affairs departments as pre-med students dressing for game draw NCAA-record 92 delay of game penalties after taking opponent’s vital signs after every play…

Here come the Bleu Devils!!!…The B-10 Team of the Decade for the Double Aughts thrilling B-10 fan(s) everywhere with strong finishing kick, with nation’s second-best seven (7)-game skid…

Nobody offering easier access to end zone in 2021, as UMess ranks Dead Last in Scoring Defense (43.0 ppg)…


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On This Date
The long march to today. 

In 534 BC – Greek poet Thespis becomes History’s first actor – the first to recite lines as someone other than himself for the purpose of entertaining others – when legend has it he took to a stage wearing a mask and portraying the god Dionysus. Thespis’ influence is still felt in the English speaking world, with the term thespians coming to represent actors. Thespis was also the first actor to carry costumes and such from town to town. 

In 1974 – Alexis Arguello of Nicaragua wins the WBA featherweight title with a 13th-round knockout of champion Ruben Olivares of Mexico at the Forum in Inglewood, California. Arguello would defend the title four times and would later win super featherweight and lightweight titles before retiring in 1995. Arguello remains one of the few fighters to never lose a title in the ring, having relinquished them to fight at heavier weights. 

In 1991 – Michael Bolton is at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the only week with When a Man Loves a Woman. The song also went to #1 in Canada, peaked at #8 in Great Britain and was Bolton’s second and final #1 song. A version by Percy Sledge had gone to #1 on the Hot 100 in 1966, making it the seventh of nine songs to go #1 by different acts. A version by Bette Midler peaked at #35 in 1980 and the song earned Bolton the Grammy Award for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance. 

Some Philosophy Crap
The wisdom of the ages. Whatever. 

Philosophy  does not mean reading books about wisdom, it means training oneself in the practice of wisdom. The essence of the matter is that a man should so mold his life and conduct that his happiness shall depend as little as possible upon external things.
Will Durant
The Story of Civilization, Vol. III: Caesar to Christ

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Knowledge is power.

Gerald Ford was the future president of the United States on the Warren Commission. 

Today’s Stumper
Match wits with Gaylon. It’s not that hard.

Michael Bolton has won two Grammy Awards for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance. Which song earned him his other one? – Answer next time!  

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