The Daily Dose/Thursday, February 17, 2022

The Daily Dose/February 17, 2022
By Gaylon Kent – America’s Funniest Guy™

Leading Off
Notes from around our human experience. 

Leading Off is still running intermittently. 

Today At The Site
Writing worth reading. Usually. 

The Diary of a Nobody – Sparrow runs into an empty package of Ritz Bits at the hotel sundry stand. Today’s Diary. 

Now, some of you might be thinking it was merely a package that had been opened and then emptied but you would be wrong it was empty and unopened!!!…Some oaf on the Ritz Bits front lines screwed up and so did his supervisor(s) and the wizards in quality control. 


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On This Date
History’s long march. 

In 1621 – Myles Standish is elected commander of the Plymouth Colony militia. Standish had served in the English army before being hired as a military adviser to a group of Puritans who were sailing for the New World. As a commander, Standish earned a reputation for taking preemptive action, as well a reputation for brutality towards Native Americans and he would be elected commander for the rest of his life. Standish retired as an active soldier in the 1640s, retiring to a town a bit north of Plymouth, serving in an advisory capacity thereafter. 

In 1974 – Richard Petty becomes the first driver to win consecutive Daytona 500 races at the Daytona Motor Speedway. Petty defeated Cale Yarborough by 47 seconds and had an average speed of 140.894 mph in a race that, in deference to the ongoing energy crisis of the time, only went 450 miles. Petty’s feat would be duplicated by Yarborough in 1983-84 and Sterling Marlin in 1994-95. It was the fifth of a record seven Daytona 500 wins for Petty and the 2022 Daytona 500 is scheduled for this Sunday. 

In 1973 – The O’Jays are at #1 on Billboard’s soul chart – then known as the Hot Soul Singles chart – for the first of four consecutive weeks with Love Train. It was the third of 20 Top 10 soul hits for the group, their second of ten soul chart #1s and Love Train would later spend a week at #1 on the Hot 100 to become their only #1 pop hit. The O’Jays took their name from Cleveland DJ Eddie O’Jay and the song was written by Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff. 

Some Philosophy Crap
The wisdom of the ages. Whatever.

To live, one must embrace the immediate and actual…as well as the distant and perfect.
George Santayana

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Knowledge is power.

Ireen Wust of The Netherlands has won six Olympic speed skating gold medals, the most of any athlete. 

Today’s Stumper
Match wits with Gaylon. It’s not that hard.

How many drivers have won multiple Daytona 500s? – Answer next time!  

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