The Daily Dose/Friday, March 17, 2023

The Daily Dose/March 17, 2022
By Gaylon Kent – America’s Funniest Guy™

Leading Off
Notes from around the human experience. 

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Writing worth reading. Usually. 

The Diary of a Nobody – Sparrow changes up his sprints a little. Today’s Diary. 

Rest between sets concludes when you’ve stopped hyperventilating and we were hoping to get ten lines in, but after three we realized that further lines would require EMS support and stopped…


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On This Date
Extra, extra, read all about it.  

In 1969 – Golda Meir is elected Israeli prime minister by her party’s central committee. She succeeded interim prime minister Yigal Allon and was the first female head of state in the Middle East, the fourth female elected head of state anywhere, and remains Israel’s only female prime minister. Meir was born in Kyiv, then part of the Russian Empire, served until June 1974, and died at age 80 in 1978. 

In 1988 – The Loyola Marymount Lions and the Wyoming Cowboys establish a new NCAA basketball tournament record for most points in a game in a 119-115 Loyola win in an opening-round game in Salt Lake City. The 234 points broke the mark of 216 established by UNLV and San Francisco in a 1977 second-round game and the record is now 264, by Loyola Marymount and Michigan in a second-round game in 1990. The regular season record is 331 points, when Loyola Marymount defeated US International 181-150 in January 1989. 

In 1962 – Gene Chandler is at #1 on Billboard’s soul chart – then known as the Hot R&B Singles chart – for the fifth and final consecutive week with Duke of Earl. The song originated from some vocal exercises Chandler and others in a vocal group he was in did before actually singing and the Earl refers to Earl Edwards, another member of the group.  It was the first of seven Top 10 soul hits for Chandler and remains his only soul #1. Earlier, the song had spent three weeks at #1 on the Hot 100. 

Some Philosophy Crap
The wisdom of the ages. Whatever.

Fate poses harsh questions. We answer with our lives.
Deng Ming-Dao

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Knowledge is power.

The five current American League teams that were part of the Western League in 1894 are the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox (Sious City Cornhuskers), Baltimore Orioles (Milwaukee Brewers), Cleveland Guardians (Grand Rapids Rippers), and the Minnesota Twins (Kansas City Blues). 

Today’s Stumper
Match wits with Gaylon. It’s not that hard.

Who is the longest-serving elected female head of state in history? – Answer next time!

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