The Daily Dose/Wednesday, December 6, 2023

The Daily Dose/December 6, 2023
By Gaylon Kent – America’s Funniest Guy™

Some Philosophy Crap returns, but otherwise, The Daily Dose remains on hiatus. 

Today At The Site
Writing worth reading. Usually. 

The Diary of a Nobody – Sparrow finds it crowded at the gym. Today’s Diary.

Good gravy, we only found a decent parking space thanks to the efforts of divine providence because there were two courts of youth basketball going and every swinging dick (official Navy phraseology your first learn in boot camp) in our small town was in for a workout…

The Bottom Ten/NFL Week 15 – The race for the most coveted trophy in sports – The Dan Henning Trophy, symbolic of NFL lousiness – rolls on. 

Week 1 loss to Commanders gives Cardinals crucial B-10 tiebreaker…

A two (2)-time B-10 champion, Titans very aware type of momentum to generated by OT home loss…

Saints can cause complete havoc for everyone but Patriots with loss this week…


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Some Philosophy Crap
The wisdom of the ages. Whatever.

You must never demand to arrive on time or with your luggage intact. You walk slowly, with open eyes and open minds.
Morris West
The Shoes of the Fisherman

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