The Daily Dose/January 23, 2019

The Daily Dose/January 23, 2019
By Gaylon Kent
America’s Funniest Guy

Leading Off
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Today At The Site
The Diary of a Nobody: Sparrow has a busy morning at the hotel, to include changing the bag in the document shredder and having a guest call to inform him she had just had her period, a Sparrow first.

I’ve been working front desks a long time and this marked the first time a woman called to advise me of the status of her menstrual cycle…Her concern seemed to be that her employer’s credit card would be billed, so maybe she was worried that “Damaged Sheet – Period” would appear as a line item on the bill… No I said, we’re not in the habit of doing that…

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On This Date
In 1960 – Man reaches the farthest depths of the ocean when Jacques Piccard and US Navy Lieutenant Don Walsh rode the submersible Trieste to a place known as Challenger Deep, about 200 miles southwest of Guam, 35,797 feet below the ocean’s surface. Trieste took four hours and 47 minutes to reach the bottom and the return trip took three hours and 15 minutes and while at the bottom, communications with the support ship took about seven seconds each way.

In 1944 – The Detroit Red Wings defeat the New York Rangers 15-0, establishing NHL records for Most Consecutive Goals, Most Assists (37) and Largest Margin of Victory in a game. The Red Wings fell one goal shy of the NHL record for most goals in a game established by the Montreal Canadiens in March, 1920 when they defeated the Quebec Bulldogs 16-3.

In 1971 – Lynn Anderson is at #1 on Billboard’s country chart – then known as the Hot Country Singles chart – for the fifth and final week with Rose Garden. The song also peaked at #3 on the Hot 100 and, interestingly, was recorded when there was some extra time at the end of a recording session. It was the first of three consecutive and five total #1s on the country chart for Anderson and Rose Garden remains her only Hot 100 appearance.

He was not so unreasonable-usually- as to demand both freedom and the fruits of popular slavery.
Sinclair Lewis

Answer To The Last Trivia Question
Simon and Garfunkel have had four #1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100: The Sound of Silence, Mrs Robinson and Bridge Over Troubled Water. 

Today’s Stumper
How did Challenger Deep get its name? –Answer next time!

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