The Daily Dose – October 24, 2017

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GO GOP!: Last year, when it appeared Donald Trump did not have much chance to win the presidency, we said that his impending loss might well herald the end for the Republican Party. It would serve them right for nominating a gauche, tasteless thug who had no concrete, original ideas and whose only real talent was, and remains, drawing attention to himself.

Fly In The Ointment: Then he won and we thought well, there goes that theory but after nine months of the Trump Administration we again find ourselves wondering why the GOP continues to favor America with its existence.

Because they really should disappear. The GOP has shown time and time again they are utterly incapable of governing. They own the White House and both houses of Congress and have done nothing of substance. Instead of Hail to the Chief, the Marine Band should be playing circus calliope music.

Dry, Technical Matter: There is no leadership in the party, therefore there is no leadership in America. Nobody is saying here’s we are going and then providing the inspiration to get there. Because that is all executive leadership is: Right now we’re at Point A, we are going to Point B, – LET’S GO!!! – and then inspire us to want to go there with you.

Leadership, however, is beyond the GOP’s reach right now. They prefer to wallow in the past, trying to undo what others have done instead of producing anything original.

Get Out Your History Books: Not only are they not leading this country now, the Republicans have not produced a decent elected president since Eisenhower three generations ago.

Here We Go: Nixon was a crook. Reagan was brilliant in narrowing his vision to a few concrete issues, but he was the most managed president in history, setting a precedent that continues to this day. Reagan also presided over the most corrupt Administration in American history, with 138 officials either investigated, indicted and/or convicted of misconduct. Neither George Bush was particularly effective or articulate, and the second one lied to us to get us to fight wars that plague us to this day. Trump’s inadequacies have been well documented here.

OTOH: Gerald Ford, who succeeded Nixon but was never elected vice president or president, was a good, decent man, but following Nixon was an impossible job and the Son of Man would have had a hard time getting elected to his own term.

The Bottom Line: The party of Lincoln is dead. They have not produced a decent elected president in 56 years. They should have been gone long ago.

ON THIS DATE! ON THIS DATE! Harry Houdini, one of the best escape artists ever, performs for the last time in Detroit on this date in 1924. He was very sick, with a temperature of 104 and was suffering from appendicitis besides, which may or may not have been caused or exacerbated by some blows to the abdomen he had received two days earlier.

Oh Yeah: Houdini was hospitalized after the show, where he would die on October 31.

Sell, Godammit, Sell!: The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 occurs on this date when the New York Stock Exchange loses 38 points and 12.82 percent of its value. It closed 260.64.

Though not the largest decline in either points or percentage, it was the most devastating, combining with an earlier stock market crash in London to herald the start of the Great Depression.

FunFact, Unless You Lost Your Shirt, Of Course: The Depression would last until petering out in World War II, and stock prices would not return to pre-crash levels until 1954.

FunFact, Unless You Lost Your Shirt, Of Course II: Though a 38 point decline in the Dow is no longer significant, the 12.82 percent decline remains the second highest percentage drop ever.  

Well, This Should End War Forever And Ever: The United Nations comes into existence on this date in 1944 when its member nations ratify the United Nations Charter. The UN General Assembly will meet for the first time the following January and Norwegian Foreign Minister Trygve Lie was elected the first secretary-general.

Great Moments In Pablo Sandoval: For the fifth time, a player hits three home runs in a World Series game when Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants does it on this date in 2012. Sandoval’s home runs help the Giants defeat the Detroit Tigers 8-3 in game one and the Giants would win the series in four games.

Oh Yeah: Sandoval joined Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols as the only players to hit three home runs in a World Series game. Ruth did it twice.

Quotebook: He decided, as usual, that it was wisest that he mind his own business… – Alex Haley, Roots

Answer To The Last Trivia Question: James Pinckney Henderson was the first governor of Texas.

Today’s Stumper: What are the single-day records for the highest point and percentage losses on the New York Stock Exchange? – Answer next time!


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