The Diary of a Nobody/June 4

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Tuesday, June 4
The right drawer was $24.50 over tonight…Mark had told me this, tho he did not have an explanation why but why doesn’t matter…I merely put the excess in a baggie and wrote the amount and “right drawer overage” on the slip and left the matter for Brandon or Candace to figure out.

You know, people, I don’t know what I need to do to get you to ring the bell…Merely standing diffidently at the front desk does not alert me to the fact you are at the front desk…I am in the back office and do not possess x-ray effing vision…I do not know you’re there unless there’s some noise…Hence the bell…And instructions to use it…As it was the guy – who wanted to buy some Tums – happened to move or do something to make a sound, so I headed on out…I have no idea how long he waited.

I could make the sign bigger, I suppose…The lettering is only a few inches high, and the sign is only placed in the middle of the front desk, so I can see where people have trouble seeing it.

AT 0130 Dee, the new part-time night auditor who also pulls a couple of day shifts, called to announce she would not be in for her 0800 shift…I told her to call Candace because I am not in charge and therefore not your go-to guy for call offs…I told her I’d leave a note and whatnot, but that it was her responsibility to call Candace and let her know…As it was, I texted Candace later in the morning, just for funsies, in case Dee hadn’t…Candace texted me back thanking me, but I still have no idea – and a corresponding amount of interest – whether Dee contacted Candace or not…My own theory is if you’re well enough to use the phone, even from the hospital, you’re well enough to report for duty…Pa Sparrow’s mantra always was “you’ll be all right” and there was never any reason to bother the ER with anything less than a bone showing and the only time I went to the ER was for a separated shoulder, certainly never for the sniffles or dandruff. 

I bought some bird seed when I was visiting The Wife at the retailer this morning and I am pleased to report the Sparrows are no longer rolling with that 5-Star Premium Fru-Fru crap that had macadamia nuts in it which, it turned out, The Wife only bought because it was on sale…So we’re back to the merely Premium bird seed…This will produce B-list birdies, not the boutique, A-listers the macadamia nuts attracted, but it’s better than the vultures the 20-lb for $6 bird seed brought in.

I was very productive this evening…I got some great rest (see Sleep Log below) and moved some good weight in the gym and after that was so motivated I even mowed the lawn…We’ve had lots of rain lately and this was really the first opportunity to get a mowing in…I started with the sector that starts at the driveway and runs past the front door, then I did the sector that runs parallel to Main Street, then the sector running past the kitchen and finishing up with the sector near the alley.

The Wife got some work in in the back garden, too, pulling some of those pesky thistle weeds…This is the garden where the cherry bush was replanted and it is coming along nicely…I think…I can’t really tell, but there are some green things starting to pop out, which The Wife says will eventually be cherries…It’s protected by some chicken wire, to keep critters from pecking at it, and we, she, also put some chicken wire around the apple tree, too, and it seems to be getting bigger.

The robins moved their nest this year…Recall the past couple of years they had used a flat area above the electric meter near the kitchen door…I guess two years is as much as they want to use the same nest – we never took it down – because this year they moved to a corner of our log cabin, where the logs intersect and jut out a bit…Another bird family is living in the opposite corner, tho they’re shacking up inside a space in the logs they are able to squeeze into and didn’t build a nest.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0930 Tuesday until 1700 Tuesday…7.5 hours for the day, 20 for the week…I cheated and took and Zzzzz-Sleep, like I did last Tuesday because I didn’t want to fart around…Regular readers of this crap know I don’t get to sleep again until late Wednesday afternoon and if I go to bed late Tuesday I sleep until 2100 or so and don’t get anything done.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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