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Monday, October 22
Had my first training session at Hotel C today, a couple of hours before my shift at the retailer…My guide was Quentin, a tall, friendly, chubby kid – the world bluff is appropriate here nad I look small next to him, rare because I seldom look small next to anybody – who is very knowledgeable and tried to teach me everything he knew in the first twenty minutes…He meant well, and on your first day you’re really just watching anyway and I did get some solid familiarization so it all worked out.

I have two more hours there Tuesday, while Wednesday and Thursday I’m putting in eight hours with Front Desk Manager Candace, so maybe there will be some online training to do so I can get some hands-on experience before being unleashed on guests.

This is a real hotel, too, with checklists and crap that need to be filled out every shift…It’s not like Hotel B where you can show up at 2300, press some buttons and print some reports and have your night’s work done in 15 minutes before spending the next six hours working on personal crap until it’s time to set-up for breakfast.

The Sparrow For Congress video ad we’ve got running on Faceplant is getting some pretty good action…It even has a couple of comments, neither of them positive, and it’s getting some likes and whatnot…Jay designed some ads that we will go with when the video ad ends in a few days…They’re pretty sharp…There is a pic of me on the left, the really good one where I’m giving a speech in Sin City while presenting a Legion award there…It’s several years old, of course, but I am not photogenic and we will keep trotting it out until a better comes along.

At the top of the ad, to the right of the pic, it says ‘Sparrow For Congress’ and on the bottom it says ‘Your vote. Our future’ a line I pulled out of my ass this afternoon and rather like and in between the two is a blurb on an issue, crap like peace or war or empowerment or taxes…In the background is the state logo stolen from the state flag and my only real gripe was the black font, so I told Jay to try some other colors.

Still dead slow at the retailer and the first two customers who waddled up to the service desk annoyed me…The first was a lady who wanted to return a coat she had purchased in the last hour or so…No receipt…Crap…We usually take returns like this but the jacket still had the hanger in it and usually we remove these at checkout so maybe she went and took it off the rack and said she wanted to return it…Probably not, but we are under no obligation to accept your return under these circumstances and there would be Didley S Squat you could do if we took it from you until you produced either the receipt or the debit card used so we could look up the receipt…As it was, Supervisor Mary was there and said she said she remembered the lady and soon they were prattling like old friends and she took care of it.

Then a guy comes up wanting to return a phone he bought two days ago because he dropped it and now it’s cracked…Fabulous…You’re a klutz so we’ve got to bend over and take it in the shorts…I passed this off on Mary, too, because I was going to say no and he’d end up talking to Mary anyway and ultimately we did exchange the phone for him.

Also, the visiting stockers are leaving tomorrow…We will miss them because there is literally no one to stock our shelves from 1600-to-0100, except assistant managers and if you think Ol’ Sparrow is going to answer the call here you are high…I do not stock shelves well…I’m very slow at it and I lose interest every few seconds and the shelves look like a complete mess when I’m done with them besides…I’d rather deal with customers because stocking shelves does not utilize my only real talent – being nice to people – at all.

We needed outside help because a couple of months ago all of our stockers quit to move to Michigan of all places and there are so few new people starting here it isn’t even funny…We are short everywhere.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0130 Monday until 0830 Monday, seven hours, a boring, routine night’s sleep…The weekly total, which I am committed to keeping track of this week despite the dearth of graveyard shifts, is at 13.5 hours.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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