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Wednesday, October 24
Boy, I’ll tell you, the system they use at Hotel C for checking guests in and out with is about as intuitive as chess…Good gravy, it’s complicated…Take, for example, room codes, which tell you how many and what sized beds a room has, whether it is a standard or a deluxe, has a patio or whatnot…Some places will have a K or Q depending on the size of the bed, and KK or QQ if there’s if there are two beds in the room, plus a couple of other letters designating this or that, but not at Hotel C…Here they’re a four or five letter code whose letters appear to have been selected at random by someone who’s stoned who has never set foot in a hotel before much less worked in one…Some other processes are not immediately clear, either, but that’s what training is for, of course, to learn stuff like this.

I think the parent company of Hotel C is British because favorite was spelled favourite and the elearning modules had a narrator with a British accent because words were pronounced “state-us” (status) and die-rect (direct) and used phrases like “let’s have a go at the quiz, shall we?” and “go to plan” instead of “according to plan”…The only thing missing was “blimey”.

No elearning ever goes off without a hitch and I was stuck in elearning hell on Module 3 for a while…I took it, missed a question, so I had to take it again but I couldn’t access the module…I kept getting a blank screen…Eventually it asked if I wanted to pick up where I left off and I clicked yes and got another blank screen and, eventually, I clicked no and was able to redo it.

One lesson that was reinforced was always take the All of the Above option…Invariably this is the right answer on multiple choice questions unless one of the choices is “beat the guest with a stick”…Then you don’t select all of the above because at no hotel is beating the guest with a stick, or anything for that matter, a proper guest service technique.

I OKd the Sparrow For Congress ads Jay had made up today, too…He changed the color on the text in the middle of the ad and italicized some words for emphasis and all in all they look pretty sharp…I told him well done and to start them immediately instead of waiting till the weekend because we do mail-in voting out here and ballots are already being sent in and I think the sooner we get them all out the bigger the impact they will make.

They are getting some modest feedback on Faceplant…Some are supportive but most are not but that’s the way it goes…People only write when they complain.

I got a text last night while I was at the retailer asking about my positions on education, renewable energy and public lands…I texted him back asking him to email me these questions because involved answers are tuff on a text keyboard, but I haven’t heard back from him yet.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0130 Wednesday until 0530 Wednesday…Boy, I was prepared not to like this at all, but it was my fault for scheduling a training shift Hotel C for 0700…And there are times when I go to sleep knowing I need to get up in a few hours where I don’t much sleep at all, but this was as good as could be expected…I fell asleep in short enough order and I’m used to only four hours and Lord knows I had gotten my rest the past three nights and I’ll be able to catch up Wednesday night so what the heck.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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