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Monday, October 8
What with my candidate’s forum Tuesday, today was the big dress rehearsal for the hair…I didn’t really need a shower before heading in for swing shift at the hotel, but I took one anyway one so I could get a dose of my wash-that-gray-right-out-of-my-hair shampoo in and to field test a tonic right out of the shower.

I went with Brylcreem for today’s field test…I’ve been using it the longest and, frankly, I will probably go with it tomorrow, tho we can’t count out Groom and Clean just yet…Vitalis is out of the running because I am out of Vitalis and I don’t know if I will replace it…It had a nice run, but how many hair tonics does a guy need, especially a guy with as little up top as I have???

The paper isn’t telling us in advance what the four questions they are going to ask are and I’ve learned from past campaigns not to waste any time fretting over it…If they ask something I am unprepared to answer if anybody makes a big deal out of it I will say loo, I am a man, not an image on a stained glass window…If you’re looking for perfection, go to church.

It’s rare, tho…I am moderately well-read and have positions on a wide variety of issues but I don’t know everything for Pete’s sake…I remember four years ago when I was running for the United States Senate and I was at a debate for small party candidates at the big city PBS station and they asked about an oil pipeline cutting thru the Heartland…I was the third in line to answer that question and I knew squat about the pipeline…I could, I suppose, have mustered some flowery, wordy answer that in no way answered the question, but instead I threw everyone off by announcing I didn’t know enough to provide an answer, an answer that one of the hosts said he found “refreshing”.

Had the first snow of the season at The Shire late this morning…It was raining one moment and then snowing the next time I looked out the window…It came down pretty good for a half-hour or so before it started raining again.

Also, last night was the first use of the heated mattress pad of the season…The Wife – who still off working for the retailer – and I started this a couple-three years ago…At first, I resisted because I never really minded warming up a cold bed, but after one use I was hooked…I kept it pretty low, setting 2 of 5 all night because it wasn’t that cold,

One of the deals at a hotel is payment is received in advance…Now, we won’t bill your credit card until checkout, but we will authorize it for the entire amount, but we must know how a bill is going to be settled…Well, a company that evidently sends workers here regularly

You might find it odd I didn’t recognize but you’d be surprised how often this happens…Well, the trail boss dropped Puja’s name and says he talked to her yesterday and she said we’d the credit card we keep and on file even tho I couldn’t find the credit card we keep on file…Well,  there was no reason not to believe him and this isn’t my first shift at a hotel front desk so I checked them in and told them I’d refer the matter to Puja…

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 2330 Sunday until 0930 Monday…Again, with the sleep management, setting the alarm instead of sleeping as long as I could…I was very tired when I went to sleep Sunday night after an 1800-2200 shift at the retailer and I probably could have slept until noon, but I didn’t want to sleep that long because then I won’t get to sleep until 0600 Tuesday morning.

God, I miss graveyard five nights a week…I know you do, too.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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