The Diary of a Nobody – Sat 6/16/2018

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Saturday, June 16
Boy, Hotel A was a fiasco this morning…As noted in Friday’s entry, the place was hopping when I reported for duty Friday night and while it settled down, one guy with a gravelly voice and advice on virtually everything kept coming down for coffee and after his second trip he announced the vanilla creamer he preferred was all out and did I have a replacement handy???

Hell, I don’t know…I looked where it should be and yeah, turns out we did have one, the only problem being I couldn’t get the damn pump to work…This was because the pump hadn’t been screwed on the bottle properly so the guy, with some glee, suggests I unscrew the pump and let him pour in as much creamer as he wants and I wanted to ask him why stop there, why not just take a swig from it???…He didn’t seem the sort to find that funny, tho, so I didn’t ask him that…As it was, the top does come off because it wasn’t properly installed and he pours what he wants, which is a bit more than the bottle – or even taste, for that matter – dictates…This leaves me to screw it back on and eventually I get the pump working tho, needless to say, I made a bit of a mess.

There was nothing in the frig for breakfast…There were no eggs or sausage or bacon, nor were there any bowls to cook them in nor were there pans to set them out in…About 0300 it hit me they were all in the manager’s apartment, which is vacant now because Kathy and her man moved to 216 because they are leaving next week…I do not know the code for the door and none of the master hard keys opened it…So there was not a full menu to offer our guests until Kathy came down at 0700 and opened the apartment…Everything was there, of course, and I made sure to get the code for the door, too.

This was only my second time in the apartment…A year or so ago when GM Dave was living there he came in drunk one night and started cooking himself a steak and forgot about it and soon enough you could smell it in the lobby…I knocked and when that didn’t work I called Dave and he opened the door and promptly fell down and I saved us all from certain death by turning off the stove.\

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There’s was a new guy reporting for duty at Hotel A this morning…His name is Taylor and they’re letting him wear whatever the hell he wants, too…He showed up in cargo shorts and a scruffy shirt but at least he on time…I’ll take on time because regular readers of this crap know I don’t get relieved on time all the time at either hotel and once I’m gone he can wear a loincloth for all I care. 

Nobody threw the trash out in the big breakfast trash can, either, and it was pretty full…The only problem is I wasn’t entirely sure where the liners were, but they can’t be in too many places here and I found them soon enough in the laundry room.

At the retailer tonight a guy returned the exact same brick red shirt I bought for my house shirt a couple of months ago!!!…I am not making that up…Hispanic guy, in his late 20’s probably…I looked at him like had 22 heads…What in the hell are you doing???…This is the greatest house shirt in history…He was unmoved by my brief stare, though and carried on with his refund. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1400 Saturday until 1630 Saturday…Memo to self: do not expect too much sleep after getting 23 hours of sack time over the previous two days…This is hardly the first time this had happened, of course, and I’ll be all right.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

The Diary of a Nobody was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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