The Diary of a Nobody/Saturday, September 1

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, September 1
I don’t see how Puja does this, working the front desk for 16 hours, then trying to sleep on overnights…My own fraught-with-peril attempts to get naps in at Hotel B recently showed this, and this morning illustrated that she would have had a tough time getting more than a couple of hours in at any one time…And 7am is merely the traditional start of morning shift at hotels….She actually has to start preparing for breakfast at 0600.

It was pretty slow to start, so maybe if you were asleep immediately after I showed up you could get three hours in before some wingnut called looking for a place to get laid…AT 0400 some guy came in, plainly just arrived in town, looking for “something with two bedrooms” for a few nights…Well we don’t have anything with two bedrooms and if we did it would have been occupied because we were sold out…Then a bit before 0500 a couple comes to check out and they want to pay cash for their room.

Crap…This is always a pain in the ass…We have to accept coin of the realm, of course, so I take the proffered $220 and make $9.36 change and then the gentleman demands I show him on his folio how his credit card wasn’t charged and his wife is helpful here pointing out the CASH PAYMENT entry with only a small amount of reproach in her voice…I didn’t cackle in triumph in the guy’s face, nor did I smack him, but those impulses were fought.

So at most Puja would get a handful of hours of sleep, maybe three in a row at most…An arrangement like this would have ol’ Sparrow whining on Day 1.

We are now very well organized at The Shire…I’ll be honest, keeping the clothes organized has never been our strong suit…It was certainly never mine before I met The Wife…I’d wash some clothes then put the clean ones on the dryer and the dirty ones on the floor and then wash as needed, repeat as necessary, with the dresser reserved for clothes that were seldom used or out of season…The Wife had prodded some improvement out of me – for example, I no longer drop clothes on the spot on the floor that is directly below where I took them off – but she long ago stopped trying to win this battle and settled for merely managing it…But she bought a hamper recently, specifically for my use, and my socks and underwear are all present and accounted for in a drawer and I am enthusiastically keeping up with everything.

We’ll see how long this lasts, of course…Past attempts have gone on for as long as a week, but I appear to be more motivated than usual this time around, especially with my new teeth less than two weeks away from installation.

It’s that time of the year at the retailer where we collect money for a network of children’s hospitals…I never do this, unless it’s with someone I know, but I would regularly like to pester those who decline to donate with this conversation: 

Would you like to donate to the children’s network?
No, thank you…Not today.
Oh…So you’re OK with childhood cancer then???…That’s the message I’m hearing.

We were very slow tonight which was good because we were so shorthanded we had to kidnap Donna from Homelines and force her to work Aisle 5 tonight…Besides her, it was ol’ Sparrow at the service desk and Anacinth at self-checkout with Maria supervising.

Well, towards the end we were slow…When I go there at 1800 we were pretty swamped and poor Maria was running around overriding this and overriding that and she started making noises about being tired of this and going back to being a housewife because her husband makes pretty good dough doing something or other.

Puja looked beat when I reported for duty at Hotel A after the retailer…Usually she’ll stay in chit-chat for a bit but not tonight…She said hi, told me were sold out and everybody was in then went into hiding in the manager’s apartment…I hope she gets some rest because she is the only one working the front desk from 0700 Sunday morning until I come back in next Friday night at 2300…Heck, I’m tired just thinking about it. d

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0830 Saturday until 1500 Saturday…6.5 hours and, get this, 51.5 hours for the week, tied for the 2018 record and the third 50-hour week of the summer.

A lot went into this…The three seven-hour sleeps that started off the week laid a great foundation, Wednesday’s AM napped didn’t hurt and the 13.5-hour Wednesday/Thursday session made another 50-hour week – barring insomnia – a foregone conclusion.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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