The Diary of a Nobody – Tue 5/29/18

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Tuesday, May 29
I’m making coffee after I waking up this afternoon, using the donut shop knock off in the can I’d bought last week even though there was still some donut shop knockoff in the bag…However, I’d used enough of the stuff in the can to refill it with what remained in the sack…I was doing this when I noticed the two coffees, which should be identical, looked different…The coffee I was pouring out of the sack was different than the coffee that was in the can…It was darker, the canned coffee having some light specks in it the coffee in the sack didn’t.

I immediately ceased coffee can replenishment operations…I wasn’t concerned about this, but I was curious…It was tedious, but I managed to return most of the coffee transferred from the sack to the can back into the sack, then I stood there staring at them as they sat on the kitchen table with my hands on my hips and considered the matter…I decided to do a taste test, so I poured out the canned coffee and made a new pot of the sacked coffee.

I’ll be very honest, I couldn’t tell the difference…I was glad for that, too…I am not a rabble-rouser and I did not want to be confronted with this problem.  

More clock-in/schedule problems at the retailer tonight…On arrival, I checked with Sir Thomas to see if I was on the schedule and I wasn’t…So I hunt down an assistant manager and Diana reported that others were having this problem, too…She didn’t say how many people, but I got the impression it had been enough to make her day a big pain in the arse…She went into the super-master computer app and verified that I was, indeed, scheduled to work and authorized an override at the time clock…The company-wide computer schedule that we can usually access from home or our phone is mucked up, too.

Had a rather poignant moment, tonight, too..I was working my beloved Aisle 5 when the older gentleman we see every night stops by to purchase one of those lotion dispensers and cups you told toothbrushes and razors in…They were off-white with a green, leafy pattern on them…He had bought and returned the same identical items last week, saying they didn’t look good in his bathroom…Tonight he mentioned he was going to “try them out” and I didn’t have the heart to tell him he had tried them out last week and found them wanting….If he wants to buy the same things he returned last week, that’s OK with me and I sold him the items and we chatted a bit.

A couple of hours later I’m back at the service desk and he walks in, walks up to my register and reports he didn’t like the way they looked and wanted to return them, all of which reminded me of the time Pa Sparrow was losing his mind and was putting clean dishes in the freezer instead of their usual place in the cabinet.

Talking with The Wife today she reported she heard from several of her friends who were at the Memorial Day ceremony and evidently everyone thought it was very moving…The Wife reported that more than one person said I looked sharp in my dress blues, too, which was good to hear.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0900 Tuesday until 1530 Tuesday…Slept straight thru till the alarm, too, no getting up to use the can…17 hours for the week so far is pretty low, but what are you going to do???

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

The Diary of a Nobody was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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