The Diary of a Nobody/August 28

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It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, August 28
B, the sort of new GM at the restaurant, was at the front desk talking to Amy when I arrived…I asked him how business was, a fairly innocuous question that led to a rather extensive chat session because it turns out B’s given notice at the restaurant because the job he ended up doing was a lot different than the job he signed up for…Plus, like everyplace else in town, they’re extremely shorthanded and he said he’s working an awful lot of hours sometimes for an awful lot of days strait. 

B did note, tho, that he appreciated the two reports I sent him every morning being sent more or less in the same time frame every night because he liked the consistency…Of course, this gave the impression the new guy was either sending the same reports whenever he damned well pleased or maybe not sending them at all…I asked if he was staying in town and he said yeah, this was home, in which he should have a restaurant GM job soon enuff or any restaurant job whenever he wanted if he wasn’t too picky about what it was. 

I’ve had experiences here about jobs running people not being what you’d thought they’d be…There’s a hotel on the mountain I was the nite auditor for when the front desk manager gave notice and I put in for it and was hired…It was a living hell…Nite auditor there was wonderful but front desk manager was beyond tolerance…The GM, nice when you never saw him, was petty, vindictive and manipulative when you saw him regularly and ol’ Sparrow could do nothing right…It was one of those deals where if you had a choice between A and B whichever one you chose would end up being wrong…Then at the timeshare front desk supervisor turned out to be code for glorified desk clerk who was permitted to fill out some tedious reports.

Not for the first time, we earned some business because the hotel across the street is too cheap to keep a nite auditor on staff…About midnight this family walks in saying they had a reservation there but their keys hadn’t been left in the designated place and did we have a place for them???…Of course we did…It turned out they’re in town for a wedding and I noted it would be a pain in the keister to have to change hotels while dressing for a wedding so why didn’t they stay both nites for the same low rate?

The wife considered it – she was plainly in charge and the husband was plainly pleased with this – and then asked if there’d be a problem with the other hotel and shook my head dismissively and said not when they failed to provide the reserved room and she nodded her head and said deal. 

40.7309555 MPG

The big question now is do I put some more gas treatment in to keep the average up, or do I wait until it starts dropping again???…I think if the new ride were going to start topping 41 MPG regularly it would’ve already done so but, on the other hand, why wait???…Grab the bull by the horns now and prevent the drop in the first place. 

Yours truly’s been thinking of doing some cooking on his days off from the hotel and both my famous spaghetti and a prime rib have been asserting themselves…The debate was raging pretty strongly when it occurred to me both could be made without disrupting the natural order…It’s even more enticing when you consider yours truly could use a break from the usual bachelor stuff he’s been eating. 

No gym today, even tho regular readers of this crap know Saturday isn’t a regular gym day, anyway…Still tho, I was thinking about it because with the odd week I haven’t done the troika since Sunday and yours truly wasn’t completely exhausted…I was yawning, tho and decided not to because odds were there’d be a good rest waiting for me at The Shire (see Sleep Log below). 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0900 Saturday until 2100 Saturday…12.0 hours for the day, 47.5 hours for the week and a weekly average of 48.5, the highest weekly average of the year. 

There was, of course, a sleep deficit heading into today’s sleep session but that’s safely in the rearview mirror after this triumph…It was going so well that when yours truly woke up after a dream around 1600 I took the precaution of turning the alarm on, just in case, tho it turned out not to be needed. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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