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Sunday, January 10
Here’s a Sparrow ProTip for you: if you need a room because you get off work at 2300 and have to be back at 0700 and you don’t want to drive home, for Pete’s sake, don’t book online, call us directly…Tell us you’re predicament, say you’d like to stay in town and ask what kind of rate we might have…As noted here before, you don’t have to be a supplicant with your hat in your hand, but be nice because we might just have a deal for you. 

As it was this couple in that situation did book online…When they were checking in the female half of the couple advised what the deal was and asked if there was a locals discount…Of course, I apologized for being unable to offer one, explaining that when you book and pay a third party, there is nothing we can do because you paid them, not us…What was moderately funny is a glanced at the monitor as if I was verifying her rate tho I was in the middle of the front desk and couldn’t see squat on the screen…Despite not knowing her rate, I nodded and told her she had gotten a good rate but next time call us directly because we’d probably give her a deal…Heck, her rate was $169, plus tax, but that is what we are charging the company and we don’t know what they charged her, of course. 

The cook for the restaurant was not wearing a jacket when he showed up this morning…Now, this wasn’t the same guy from last winter who never wore a jacket and even wore shorts on occasion – he probably froze to death – but someone I’d never seen before…I thought, perhaps, he was new, but he said he was a late replacement for the usual guy and was tired because he seldom worked this shift…He was blowing on his hands, too, because it was 5 degrees out and it would be a while before he warmed up completely because they don’t keep the heat on in the restaurant at night anymore. 

The big news is yours truly has eliminated having to warm up the cat’s canned yummy ration every other day…Recall a while ago we went from giving her a full can every day to a half-can to get her to start puking less with generally positive results and on the days when a new can is opened, the unused portion has been spooned into a baggie…The following day, the baggie is run under some warm water to warm it up. 

Well, yesterday ol’ Sparrow went tactical and tried something new: the unused amount is still placed in a baggie,  but it is not taken out of the can!!!…I am not making that up: the baggie is merely wrapped tightly around the can and this morning all that had to be done was to spoon it into a dish…Then I realized the cat doesn’t like cold food, so my innovation wasn’t worth diddly squat, reinforcing my feeling that I am an idiot. 

No Sunday morning workout today, so no having to avoid the Sunday Yapper at the hot springs…Recall I slept all day Saturday instead of the afternoon/evening, and I was tired all night at the hotel…Heck, I was yawning before leaving The Shire, but for maximum flexibility, I packed my workout stuff, just in case I felt like working out this morning…This included my pre-workout drink and post-workout shake mixes but as it was yours truly came straight home after the hotel.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1530 Sunday until 2130 Sunday…6.0 hours for the day and a pretty standard start to the sleep week. 

I don’t know what the deal is…I was even more tired this morning than when I got home Saturday morning and I was thinking BOOM I’d get right to sleep and Lord knows I tried but it was no go, so I got up and spent the usual pleasant morning /afternoon reading and doing project work until sleep decided to favor me with its presence. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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