The Diary of a Nobody/June 9

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It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Wednesday, June 9
Mark took the bait. 

Regular readers of this crap know Mark has, for a couple of months now, been accenting his cash drawer spreadsheets (CDSS) by highlighting the day, date, totals and even his name…Regular readers of this crap also know Mark has been using the same blue ink and red highlighter the past couple of weeks now. 

And recall yesterday, in an effort to tempt him to use other colors, I put every color of pen and highlighter in easy reach of his preferred left front desk computer.  

Mission accomplished…Sort of…Tonite in the right drawer his CDSS featured green ink for his name with a yellow highlighter for the day, date, totals and the marketing-logo-ish slash thru his name, tho for the left drawer, his “home” drawer, he rolled with now-standard red ink and blue highlighter…To my knowledge, Mark has some zero clue of the interest his CDSS have for the rest of the civilized world. 

Early on Ol’ Sparrow rolled on a noise complaint and what makes this one almost interesting is the fact it wasn’t from a guest, but from some dude who lives in the apartment buildings in back of the hotel…He said someone was really “pumping music” and it was keeping him from his beauty rest.

Well, if it’s keeping someone up in the adjacent complex, it’s gotta be pretty loud but I know from past, significant experience responding to noise complaints “pumping music” could mean almost anything.

So I head out and I don’t really hear much in the parking lot near the workout room, so I head down some more and I’m thinking if it’s being heard in the neighboring apartments I should probably start hearing something and it isn’t until I turn the corner that I barely start picking something up…I get to the pickup truck that has a door open and a fat guy and his fatter son wandering around outside and I’m thinking this wouldn’t even wake up a guest much less some dope in the even farther away apartment complex, but I dutifully tell him to shut it down and he says he would and there are no other complaints the rest of the night. 

For the second consecutive night, I‘ve modified my Touch Screen Usage (TSU) policy…Before, use at the back office computer was deemed too tedious, then last night it was modified to occasional use but tonight it was used as often as possible, simply because it’s shiny and new and I could…Sometimes you fat-finger the wrong button, but if you’re careful you can generally avoid this.  

The biggest change since last week’s tech refresh has been with the location of the scratch paper pile…Recall before the refresh it was on the monitor stand in the back office, on the right corner, under the bottom edge of the monitor…Since the new monitor doesn’t require a stand, the scratch paper was moved to the right, against the base of the telephone, a position it maintained until yours truly reported for duty tonite and discovered it had been moved to the base of the new monitor. 

Now, offhand, this might seem like not too bad of a place to keep some scratch paper…But there are times when I have full sheets of paper in front of me and I have to move the keyboard on top of the monitor’s base because it’s broad enuff to provide a solid base for when I type in reward club membership numbers and whatnot…So it’s plain the monitor base is not a satisfactory long-term solution to the scratch paper storage (SPS) issue.  

So after facing the problem in the usual Sparrow manner – standing and staring at it with my hands on my hips – I noticed next to the monitor base is one of those black metal desk organizer deals and next to that a box of tissue…Using the broad authority granted all nite auditors, I unilaterally pushed the organizer and tissue box to the left and inserted the scratch paper between the organizer and the monitor base!!!…I am not making that up…It’s a fine solution, tho whether the rascals on day shift go along with it remains to be seen.  

Slow at the veterans service office (VSO) today, tho almost interestingly ol’ Sparrow did deal with two men asking about the same thing, disabled veteran license plates. 

Hell, I dunno…This is the first time I’ve been asked about this in my two years at the VSO and it turns out both are new to the county and were wondering why in the hell the bastards at the DMV were asking for a goddamned doctor’s signature on some effing form when they had their VA award letter…Since both were new to town, they didn’t have a personal physician yet, VA or otherwise. 

This will prove problematic because some research at the state DMV website showed that, yes, a signed, properly filled out physician’s form is required…There’s nothing I can do about, to include the issuance of a cover letter saying this vet is entitled to a disabled plate…This isn’t covered in either my powers as VSO or hotel nite auditor. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: Per standard Wednesday policy, there is no sleep to report today. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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