The Diary of a Nobody/August 13

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Saturday, August 13
The big news is Amy didn’t have a pitcher of ice water waiting for me when we reported for duty tonite…She said she tried    I told her look, woman, trying’s nice and all, but ol’ Sparrow’s thirsty and prefers results…She laffed and said someone – there are no suspects – up and chained the pitcher she uses to the ice machine, so guests can fill their coolers without flooding the hallway…As it was, there weren’t any other pitchers in the back office and while we probably could’ve found one in the restaurant, we decided to ruff it and go with non-iced water. 

About midnite the bell rings and I go out and it’s a guy in a Dominos hat and shirt looking for some batteries…Well, we don’t trumpet this fact here, but we do have a modest battery selection at the sundry stand, smaller batteries, AA and AAA, and not the big one he needed for a flashlight…This guy was pretty creepy…He noted he lived nearby and he needed his flashlight to get home and then he asked if Luke – presumably Luke the Maintenance Guy – was driving the shuttle right or otherwise working right now, which was a really stupid question for a lot of reasons and then a bit later we see him wandering around the lobby and adjacent hallway…We were going to ask if we could be of service which, in this case, would be code for “what the hell’s going on here” but we thought it best to leave him alone. 

We were tired tonite…Recall we had a more or less full day at the veterans service office (VSO) Friday and while we got our nap in we were feeling it as the brain simply was not in the mood to work too quickly and we were so slow that on an average nite we weren’t back from walking the hotel until almost 0100…And this was with not being bothered too much…There was a time when being tired didn’t hinder us this much but, fortunately, those days are long gone; as the Sleep Log proves, we tend to get our rest here, and times when we are tired are rare. 

The remodeling of the hallways is almost done…Actually, in the hotel itself, all six wings appear to be done, with only a couple of stairwells and the hallway off the lobby that leads to front desk storage and the GM and AGM offices still needing wallpapering.

The big news, tho, is they put curtains on the windows where the wings meet, and let me tell you something, this adds a really homey touch to the hallways…Previously, the windows were bare and it didn’t really too bad, but it looks really good now. 

We made hotel reservations for our trip to the big city later this month…Recall we are going to play hookey from the veterans service office (VSO) on the 24th and the ball team there is playing a day game and the next day we are going to head to the college town north of here to invade a couple of used book stores.

It’s the same hotel we always stay at in town, a bit west of downtown and right off the interstate, the joint where last year we saw the front desk manager pepper spray a guest as he was walking out and the guest threw a skateboard at the front door, a customer service technique we were sure to make note of.

Of course, we are able to reserve at our preferred employee rate and we booked for two nites, too, tho offhand we’re putting it at 50/50 we stay Thursday nite…We’ll see…We might want to head home after the bookstores so we can sleep in our own bed because regular readers of this crap know that sometimes ol’ Sparrow sleeps OK in a hotel and sometimes he does not.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0930 Saturday until 1900 Saturday…9.5 hours for the day and 51.0 hours for the week, the third straight 50+-hour sleep week. 


The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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