The Diary of a Nobody/September 9

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It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, September 9
It was a modest fiasco at the hotel tonite…Recall we’ve been having problems printing from The System for a couple of weeks now…(Well, Assistant Front Desk Manager Q executed the company-approved fix, but that only worked for a day.)…This wasn’t that big of a pain because you could hit Preview or File and print from that but tonite Print and File were only generating reports when they goddamn felt like it, which wasn’t very often, and we found ourselves having to restart the computer after generating two reports, which was a nice, colossal pain in the arse and resulted in us not getting everything done. 

So we called tech support…We strongly suspected it would be fruitless and we were right because they didn’t have a universal username and password – or any other method – to bypass the admin credentials window…We sent an email to the Holy Trinity – AGM Brandon, Q, and Front Desk Supervisor Chris – informing them of the nite’s developments and asking them for the credentials because this was a pain in arse and not everything got done, which means I will have to do it tomorrow. 

The boilers are still copping attitudes, too, and both needed to be reset at 0230…This isn’t really a pain in the arse for ol’ Sparrow, but it will be a pain to the hotel fairly soon because you do not need to be a plumber to know that boilers that need to be reset regularly are not working as they should and will probably break soon. 

And we called it, too, don’t even start: recall yesterday morning we noted the first sub-40 degree temperature of the season and how tonite’s trip to the hotel might call for the first watch cap and wrap of the season…It did…Offhand we were thinking one of our famous quarter-zips, but they were all at the bottoms of some piles in my bedroom so we ended up – in a stroke of sheer and utter brilliance – wearing the blue cardigan we got last year…I am not making that up…It was fresh from the cleaners, too, still in its packaging and hanging on the coat tree in the kitchen that we got three years ago to celebrate The Ex’s leaving…Regular readers of this crap know we have several watch caps to choose from, and we went with the brown Carhartt one we found in a parking lot years ago. 

There was another split sleeping session (SSS) today (see Sleep Log below)…We’re not sure why, either, because we were good and tired when he first went down and when we got up at 1330 to use the can we were surprised we didn’t fall back asleep…But soon enuff we knew and we would’ve gotten up immediately save for the fact the cat hopped on our back for the first time since spring…The cat’s pretty particular about when she hops on daddy’s back: the room temperature has to be just right and the covers have to be pulled up, and she spent about 20 minutes there…Still remaining for the cat’s Fall Adjustment Period (FAP) is her resuming using her bed that’s on my desk. 

We put the time up to good use, getting some solid bonus project work done…We’ve been marking time the past few days because we weren’t really happy with the website’s design…Sort of happy…Big picture happy…I mean, we knew where we were going, but we were still figuring out how to get there, which happens all the time in project work…You dive in with the destination in mind but the route is still under construction, much like life itself. 

Anyway, like some key discoveries, this one came by accident…We were thinking of doing A and we’re working toward that when B presents itself but we dismiss B because it will look stupid but we’ve learned over the decades not to ignore B because you never effing know in the creative realm…If it doesn’t work – which it won’t – you can always resume the pursuit of A and now you know…Well, B turned out to be what we were looking for and as we write this we can’t even remember what A was…So the time up was a success and there is no guarantee we would have stumbled upon B had we had a normal Saturday…We were back in bed reading by 1600 and dozing off soon enuff, so needless to say we slept thru workout. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:
0830 Saturday to 1300 Saturday
1630 Saturday until 2130 Saturday

9.5 hours for the day and 53.0 hours for the week, both excellent numbers. 


The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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