The Diary of a Nobody/March 30

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It’s Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, March 30
Boy, the Assistant Front Desk Manager (AFDM) was harried when we reported for duty…There wasn’t anybody in the lobby when I sashayed in, but that apparently was the only lull in a recent storm…He had been swamped and looked it…This is proof that you don’t need to be sold out to be busy; you merely need enuff people needing enuff things at the same time. 

And they returned right after I clocked in…There were sundry stand purchases and check-ins, and a guest needed a toothbrush, and it was a pleasure to give him a really good one, one that would’ve cost a few bucks at the retailer. 

After it settled down, the AFDM asked if he could complain…We said, “of course,” grabbed our coffee, and settled in…His concern was over the reviews the new owners are conducting and the big news is they are, in large part, self-reviews…The AFDM’s concern was over the Goals sections, for the past year and the coming year, tho we can’t remember his specific complaints…For our review, we gave ourselves low marks for Initiative, good marks for job knowledge, and high marks for serving guests. 

We also took some training tonite…It had been assigned at the first of the year and is due at the end of the month so, needless to say, we put it off as long as possible…It was entirely on the rewards club, and we know so little about it that we didn’t answer all of the questions correctly, but it wasn’t a pass/fail deal, merely a take it so the report can say there was 100% compliance. 

Following a really good rest (see Sleep Log below) there was really good strength in the gym tonite..Recall Friday morning our muscles whined almost once we had gotten out of bed, but today we were strong…In fact, we even upped the weight on the leg curl/leg extension machine 

The big news is we had the gym to ourselves…I am not making that up…Usually, there are few people there on Saturday nites, but there wasn’t even old lady pickleball going on…I don’t know if everyone stayed home to watch the NCAAs or were outside taking advantage of the cloudy, cool, and wet weather, but we had the place to ourselves.

There were two cars parked in the parking lot, tho…One has been there for a few days and the other was this large, blue pick-up truck with someone undeterminable sitting inside…Later, the gym door opens and a woman comes in…We’re walking around the basketball court and she’s headed toward the front, carrying a large bag…Later, we see her walking out of the chick locker room with wet hair and you didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that she used the shower…Exactly why wasn’t clear…I mean, if you can afford a gym membership you can probably afford shelter, tho this isn’t always the case…We can recall people living in their cars using the in-town gym to shower and work out and use the sauna, but she came out of the big truck, so maybe her bathroom is being remodeled or something. 

The real big news is there will be a new entry system at the 24-hour access door for the gym…Since we signed up it’s been via credit card-sized e-key…Last week, they sent us an email about it, but we ignored it, of course, but we paid attention to the follow-up: we downloaded the app and signed up, and some digging revealed a barcode-ish deal that evidently will be what we scan for entry starting Monday…We suppose this is good – it certainly isn’t bad – but there weren’t any problems with old system, at least that we were aware of.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1000 Saturday until 1730 Saturday…7.5 hours for the day and 54.0 hours for the week, both fine totals…We probably could have executed a patented Sparrow Roll Over (SRO) and slept until the alarm, but we wanted to get to the gym and, besides, the cat had hopped on our back, always a sign she knows it’s time for Daddy to get up. 


The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

The Diary of a Nobody was inspired by the 19th-century British novel of the same name. 

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