The Diary of a Nobody/July 15

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Monday, July 15
It turns out we had an inspection from the home office while I was on my days off…It happened Thursday and I saw the report in the back office and we did really good…Our lowest score was 93.00 and we even got a hundred on a couple of things…The only thing found wrong at the front desk had to do with the home office’s human rights policy…I forget exactly what the policy entails, but I seem to recall it being rather silly for a hotel to have a human rights policy and I don’t think it involved anything more than reading a form that said the parent company supports human rights for all people, whether they work here or not…I’ve been working front desks a long time and I’ve yet to run into a human rights issue, but ol’ Sparrow is certainly on board with it…The problem, the report said, was that our human rights training wasn’t properly documented.

Other than that, the front desk was pretty squared away, and there certainly weren’t any night audit issues…There were some minor things in some rooms, but nothing of the sort that would make them wonder what’s going on here and start digging deeper to find what else is screwed up. 

We used to always get reamed on these inspections at the timeshare I used to work at…Good gravy, the Son of Man could have been running the place and there would still have been five pages of discrepancies…I was a supervisor and I’d get called into the office and get beaten upside the head and I’m thinking damn, guests (owners, actually, and boy, they are exponentially more tedious to deal with than hotel guests) are being treated cordially and the phone is getting answered and I’m Satan incarnate because some BS forms aren’t filled out or desk clerks are being friendly and personable instead of reciting the lousy, corporate-scripts we’re given. 

In coffee service news, I think the oaf that used a gallon of our hazelnut creamer now favors French vanilla because crap, the entire creamer area looked like the 5th Marines had stopped by for a visit and almost all of the French vanilla was gone, and there is a lot of more that out than there is hazelnut creamer. 

The robins haven’t been making news like they have the past couple of years because their nest is no longer next to the kitchen door and we’re not getting dive bombed by them everytime we use the side door…But they’re still here, and we have two families of them this year, occupying two corners were the wood beams of our cabin overlap…The 2019 models are still not ready to fly the coup, and you see them regularly with their beaks sticking up out of the nest, open and ready for mommy or daddy to bring them a worm…Which they are diligent about producing…I did some watering Sunday night and there were multiple adult robins poking thru the wet grass looking for worms…You would think the worms would have caught on to this over the centuries, but no, they haven’t, they are still in range of birdie beaks…And this despite the fact the bird feeders is being kept full, tho the birdies may be tired of having to fight the squirrels for access.

Dead slow at the VSO today…Good gravy, there were zero phone messages and the only email waiting for me was from the guy who runs the Sheriff’s dispatch office announcing his staff has moved into their quarters in the new building the Sheriff and the town’s police department are sharing…I updated the website and then sat and waited for someone to stop by…No one did…Well, Stanko from the Legion did…He came by to pick up some gas receipts that we will reimburse veterans for when they drove to a VA appointment, but that is it.  

I went out to lunch after the VSO…Recall our small diner closed a few months back and I haven’t had decent Stromboli since then…Well, I’d heard good things about a new place in town…I scoped it out and they don’t have Strombolis but they do have calzones, which are similar and as long as its stuffed with cheese and ten pounds of pork products who cares???

This was a lousy decision…I’d forgotten – or, more accurately, chose to ignore – the fact that much cheese makes me very thirsty and wrecks havoc with my stomach…After ten weeks of moving weight in the gym and eating fairly well my stomach wondered exactly what in theeee hell was going on and I felt like I weighed 500 pounds…I even let my belt out a notch for the drive home, tho this was more symbolic than necessary. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1530 Monday until 2130 Monday…Officially 6.0 hours, but boy, it was lousy sleep because of the aforementioned noon meal I had…I was up every two hours to use the can and since I was thirsty I drank water, ensuring I would be up two hours later to use the can again…Since I slept lousy I woke up feeling tired instead of refreshed…Good thing the Tuesday Sleep Session (TSS) is all you can get. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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