The Diary of a Nobody/July 24, 2019

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Wednesday, July 24
And Sparrow is the hotel’s Employee of the Month for June, bay-bee!!!

It took them long enough to name me…I mean, usually, new Employees of the Month are named, you know, within a few days of the end of the month they’re named for, not three weeks later…But there was a certificate in my box and a check for $100 and a $50 gift card to the restaurant…Plus, the ugly pic Brandon took of me earlier this week is up on the wall.

This was not the first Employee of the Month award I’ve racked up over the years…When I worked security at the old Monte Carlo in Sin City, I was named graveyard Officer of the Month not once but twice for, as near as I can tell, doing the absolute bare minimum while working in the hotel…My prize was a $40 comp to the casino’s coffee shop and back then $40 could get you two good meals. 

Now, my response time to calls was excellent, but in between calls, boy, I tended to rack up really good Foot on the Desk percentages…Which was funny, because they had a way to keep track of you…At various places on each floor in the hotel they’re were these scan points…They were round, about the size of a nickel and resembled a watch battery and you carried around a wand that you would place on the scan point and the wand record the location and time you were there…Later, the bosses would download it and they could tell what you did that night…If I wasn’t on a call I’d tour a couple of floors than sit for a half-hour, taking care to scan a button halfway in…And I got graveyard Officer of the Month for it…(Some guys hated the scanners, but I always liked them, prefering to look at it as a way for me to show what I did for them that night. And later, when I was a supervisor, I’d see how my modest efforts Herculean compared to others.)

Then when I was with the Doily Delivery Company, Brian and I were named driver and messengers of the month, tho I forgot who got which award…No cash was awarded for this, tho, all we got was a company bag with some crap like a water bottle and similar stuff in it…We also got our own parking spaces at the branch, but since the branch was in the big city and we were up here the only time I got to use it was when I stopped in at the branch on a day off when I happened to be in the big city…I forget whether or not I was surprised our spots were open. 

Tonight at work was easy because I made Amy do everything…She is on her own tomorrow night so it was altogether appropriate she put her training to use…In fact, I felt it so imperative Amy have the opportunity to work without the burden of me looking over her shoulder ol’ Sparrow stayed in the back office all night…The night was slow, too, giving Amy the opportunity to stretch everything out like she prefers, instead of racing to get everything done as soon as possible like ol’ Sparrow likes to do…It was so slow that Amy had no small amount of trouble killing time and I was pleased to grant her request to leave at 0400. 

Still slow at the veteran service office (VSO)…No walk-ins, tho late in the morning Corky called to say, and this didn’t please him in the least, that the VA had sent him a letter declining a claim because the form was unsigned…He was also peeved because instead of sending the form for the required signature, they sent him a blank form to be filled out again…I am not entirely sure what claim they sent back and Corky said he would stop by the office Friday morning. 

Also, everything is in order for my VSO training conference in late August…The hotel was reserved a couple of weeks ago, of course, and I had an email from Dee in the state office that the county’s check for $250 has been received…I am going to head out the Monday before, after getting off from the hotel, so I can get a full day in the big city before checking into the hotel Monday night…Training begins Tuesday and lasts until Friday afternoon…Still to be decided is whether or not I take a county car…Recall I did that for my April training and it worked out pretty well. 

Boy, I haven’t worked out since last Thursday and I’ve been eating more or less whatever the hell I want and I can feel it…Despite a good day’s rest Tuesday I woke feeling tired and I had no energy at all, either at the hotel or at the VSO…Plus I still have a stomach ache…I haven’t whined about it too much here, but ever since I ate that Stromboli ten days ago I have had a consistent, dull ache in the top of my stomach and it’s starting to bother me and I am starting to wonder exactly what the deal is.

So I left the VSO at noon and when I got home I put some baking soda in water and drank that, took a swig of some magic elixir The Wife’s had knocking around the refrigerator for a while plus, when that didn’t have the immediate results I was looking for, took some Pepto…Then I laid on the couch and did some reading…It was a little too early to go to sleep, so the plan was to hang out on the couch until early evening or so…It was a good plan, well-executed…I farted around on the couch all afternoon before retiring around 1830 or so. 

It will be good to be back in the gym Thursday.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: As usual, there no sleep to report for Wednesday. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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