The Diary of a Nobody/July 29

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Monday, July 29
Boy, Quentin is really regretting his attempt to leave the hotel…Recall earlier this month he gave notice, announcing he had taken the night manager gig at a really swanky condo/timeshare deal on the mountain…That didn’t work out because his new employer presumed Q had a driver’s license…He does not nor is he in any particular mood to get one, so the offer was withdrawn and replaced with an offer to be part-time, seasonal front desk clerk…Combined with some part-time hours here he’ll still be working 40 hours a week, but this is hardly where he expected to be three weeks ago, juggling part-time jobs.  

Q was lamenting his current station in life when I reported for duty tonite…He is kicking himself and wondering exactly what he could have been thinking because regular readers of this crap know there are changes coming to the hotel, including the opening up of the assistant front desk manager position…Now, I wouldn’t say Q would have directly in line for this promotion – and yours truly possesses inside information here that he would blab if he had a knack for gossip – but he wouldn’t have been a longshot, either…Q is still young enuff to thrill at the prospect of the headaches running a hotel front desk brings and he likes sticking his paws in everything anyway, but unless some people turn down the job, he is at the bottom of the list. 

Busy at the Veteran Service Office today…Early on I got a call from a vet, about my age, who recently moved to town and would like some help on an appeal for a claim the VA denied…We talked about it for a bit and then we made an appointment for Wednesday and I asked him to bring his discharge papers and all relevant paperwork and he said he had thrown it all out in tizzy fit when the VA denied his claim…Crap…This could complicate matters…We can request another DD-214, and I made some inquiries about rustling up the paperwork, but this could, will, take time.

A couple of post members came by, too…The first was Doc, who wanted to chat about a variety of things, including some biographical sketches of post members he is working on…He was working on Wayne’s, which is challenging because Wayne died three-four years ago, but a daughter shared some stories and produced his discharge papers and Doc pointed out the area for awards and decorations was blank…We both found that interesting because Wayne had service in Vietnam and should have been eligible for both the Vietnam Service Medal and the National Defense Ribbon…I did some research and came up with an address the daughter could write to to perhaps get the ball rolling…The government being the government, of course, the daughter herself could well be dead before anything gets done. 

Mike came by, too…He said Natalie had enrolled him in VA health care but I forget how, but he found out he hadn’t been enrolled…Some research in the system didn’t show the 10-10EZ form had been filled out and since this was several months ago I told Mike it was safe to assume something got screwed up, but it would be a treat for me to fill out the form for him…It took about 15 minutes or so, and then I faxed it into enrollment center in Atlanta. 

Here’s the latest from around our small town:

There is some activity going on across Main Street from the gym, next to the convenience store…There are fences up and the old real estate office had been torn down, as well as what I think was a private residence that fronted the alley…The old bank building is getting ready to be torn down, too, and a new convenience store will be built…After this is completed, the adjacent, old convenience store will come down and replaced with additional gas pumps…They’ve got a new one of these in the next county a couple of years ago and they’re pretty nice and I have a confession to make: ol’ Sparrow has been known to sneak a corn dog or to from these people from time to time. 

The big news, tho, is Devon, the kid who brought the abandoned coffee shop next door and turned into the family homestead, is selling a couple of his parcels!!!…I am not making that up…The Wife and I were both curious, so I did some research and the parcels he is selling make up about 40 percent of his yard…One of the parcels runs against The Shire and has a house and a garage on it, both dilapidated,  and while I’m hardly Mr Fixit, I don’t think they could be made habitable…The Wife and I are both interested in this and we are going to do some investigating.  

Also Devon, tired of trucks parking just off Main Street on the edge of his yard, has also put up a sign that says “Private Drive”.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:  1400 Monday until 2030 Monday…6.5 hours, 13.5 for the week…After some tuff times getting to sleep on Mondays, the past few weeks have been good…2030 was actually an hour before the alarm was due to go off and there was nothing particular for me to do and I could find no reason to actually get out of bed, so I spent the next hour dozing in and out…Not really sleep per se, but not really being fully awake, either…It was very pleasant.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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