The Diary of a Nobody/May 3

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Friday, May 3
And Sparrow is back in the gym!!!

I am not making that up.

Took me long enough…It was only four months ago when Dr Best told me to start paying attention to my blood sugar and this included regular exercise…I have all the usual excuses of course, for putting it off, none of which apparently strong enough to overcome the prospect of an early death: too busy with work (which is not completely invalid) and my projects but, really, when something’s important you make time for it, evidently the burst of energy required yesterday to mow the lawn inspired me enough.

I’m taking a new pre-workout supplement…Gone is the chemical-laden stuff that, honestly, worked really well…It stimulated the brain for improved focus and provided good energy and a great pump and a strong workout…It’s an organic, plant-based deal that costs twice as much…I did some research into this and there’s no shortage of organic workout supplements out there and I settled on this one because it claimed to improve mental focus, which is I like because otherwise, I tend to lose interest…There wasn’t the immediate brain stimulation, but other than that I got the workout in I was expecting to.

Expectations were low, frankly…It had been a year or so since my last workout and while I’ve lost weight and a notch on my belt it was not the Upset of the Year when I was nowhere near as strong as I used to be…I did the usual two exercises per body part, three sets each, the first a light weight, the second a medium and the third a weight where reps eight and nine are challenges and ten is the last rep you can do with proper form, known as failure in the gym…I’d been gone so long my the weight on every final set was about what my warm-up sets used to be.

Just for funsies, after each set I threw in ten bodyweight squats – what used to be known as deep knee bends – and some deep breathing as well…I ate well all day, too…I had my protein shake when I got home – still good after sitting for a year – and I was going to scramble some eggs but I wasn’t hungry…I had some power bars and an almond butter sandwich on that infernal organic sprouted bread at the VSO.

There were no phone messages for me when I reported to the veteran service office at 0800 this morning, tho there was an email, from Julie at the company that sells ads for our local phone book…She made the changes to the ad I requested, some minor stuff and replacing Natalie’s name with my name…$250 for the year, $239 if the county pays in full the first time out.

Doc from the Legion came by for a chat this morning…Doc was always a big fan of my time as post commander and is on record as hoping I’ll take command again one day…Anyway, he came to ask about VA medical care for his son, a local veterinarian who served in both the Army and Marine Corps…Doc brought muffins, too, giving me my choice between raspberry and poppy seed…After a couple of seconds of thought – the raspberry muffin came with an actual raspberry – I went with the poppy seed muffin.

Other than that it was very slow at the VSO today…After Doc left there were no other walk-ins and I didn’t have an appointment scheduled…I started cleaning out my desk drawers because Natalie left them full of her crap, but then I realized I’d fill up my trash can, which I have to throw out myself, and immediately lost interest…Another time, perhaps.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1900 Thursday until 0330 Friday…8.5 hours and I’ll tell you what, these are the same hours as Wed/Thu and when you keep odd hours this consistency is comforting.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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