The Diary of a Nobody/May 31

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Friday, May 31
Tried some new canned yummies for the cat this morning…Impressed with how she really likes that new chicken we’re trying, we bought her current brand of yummies, but chicken flavor, instead of the usual fish assortment she’d been getting for years…Grilled, not pate, of course – spoiled rotten, she turns her nose up at pate – and to avoid wasting too much money in case, when, it turns out she doesn’t like them, we only bought two cans.

You never know with cats, of course…Offhand, I thought she’d probably like them, but it was entirely possible she’d sniff them, turn her head and stare at me as if I’d just offered her a plate of paper clips, meow her disapproval, and go crap on the rug in protest. 

As it was, tho, she loved them, immediately and for good…She dove right in, eating her usual little bit before wandering away and she had most of them finished before I left for the VSO…She was so pleased she showed no interest at all when I later made myself a scrambled egg sandwich.

We also got her a new litter box…For her…The Wife and I continue to use the bathroom…This one is humongous, bigger than the old one – itself fair size – and could probably house a family of cats instead of merely providing litter facilities for a single kitty. We got some liners for it, too, so yucky stuff doesn’t build on the bottom as it had in the old one.

My new desk pad came in at the VSO…It’s humongous…I noted that when I picked it up at the Human Services office across the street and Tina said, oh, that’s probably just the packaging but no, it’s really that big, taking up a lot of my standard issue, office supply catalog desk…It is significantly bigger, and hardly as nice, as my first-class, leather desk pad at home, but it’s appropriate for a government office.

I emailed a buddy of mine from when I actually used to umpire up here…His name is Gary and after saying howdy and whatnot because I hadn’t talked to him in a couple of years (well, I did see him at the retailer, but he was higher than a kite buying some toilet paper and may not remember it) I asked if he had a recommendation for an employment attorney who might be able to help a vet who says he got fired for having PTSD which, barring mitigating factors like slaughtering co-workers, could be a violation of federal law…He wrote me back with a recommendation for an attorney in the big city and added one of his partners would like to interview the vet, to see if she’d be interested. 

Stan also came by to visit…I hadn’t seen him ages…He used to be a fairly active member of the post but he dropped out of sight a while ago and came by to offer the well-worn cancer/open heart surgery excuses…I told him those were pretty lame but that officer elections and the Memorial Day ceremony went off despite his absence…He also reported he and his wife are moving back to Wyoming in the middle of June and I answered some rather dull questions about his records being accessible by his VSO in Wyoming…I am, however, ashamed to admit that I did not immediately recall his name, something getting more and more common as ol’ Sparrow ages…I got around this nicely by asking him to spell his last name when I was looking up his records in the system and then I remembered his first name, so maybe I pulled it off.

Wrote an email today in my role as Legion District Commander…It concerns some flags we purchased and put up in front of the teleclinic in the next county…They were flags for each branch of the service and recently were taken down by someone at the VA because the clinic is moving later this summer to another location…We were also told there was no room for the flags to be displayed at the new location, which is in an almost-abandoned strip mall, which is silly…So I wrote the guy in charge at the VA hospital south of here that the flags either need to be returned to us, or displayed at the new facility, offering to be of whatever service is required to accomplish either of these things…My tone was friendly, tho firm. I just hope this raw display of my authority doesn’t bring the entire VA system to its knees.

Went to the nearby health food store after work…We needed some of their fresh almond butter and some bread and then I made the fatal error of telling The Wife this and she immediately texted over a list…At the top of it was this really fru-fru, fancy-pants maple syrup she needs because tomorrow she is starting this cleanse where all she consumes is this maple syrup/lemon/cayenne pepper concoction for, I think two weeks…It’s pretty gross, but she’s done it before and again she’s determined.

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 0830 Thursday until 0430 Friday…Like Wednesday night, I was exhausted when I went to sleep, which was surprising because I really didn’t do a whole hell of a lot Thursday, mostly just laying on the couch and reading my book…So 8.0 hours for the night and a solid 38.0 hours for the week.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence.

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name.

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