The Diary of a Nobody/October 20

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Sunday, October 20
Q knocked off at 2200 and was already done with his shifter – the complimentary drink we get at the bar after our shift – and well in on his paid drinking when I reported for duty…The big surprise was he wasn’t out right at the top of the hour to ask Assistant Front Desk Manager Devanie for a ride home…He came a few minutes later, after Devani had gone, and sat in his usual lobby chair until it was time to catch the bus…As he tends to do in this situation, he gave me a full pre-shift briefing event tho I had already clocked in and been fully briefed by Devani…As usual, this annoyed me, tho I like Q and kept my annoyance to myself, except to say, with ruthless cordiality, that I did not need reminders about walking the hallways on Saturday nights, nor about stocking the sundry stand. 

I had to clean up some dog poop today…A guest called to report it and you can’t leave doo doo lying around, so I got a towel and it was easy to pick up and I didn’t even bother, I tossed it in an outside trash can…I then got one of those yellow “Wet Floor” signs and put it over the spot and let housekeeping know the area could use a cleaning…It could have been worse and I think i got off pretty easy. 

My standard line about departures being allowed went over very well this morning, altho, in a burst of comic genius, I turned it over on the guest, a rather pleasant older lady.

I’m checking out…
I pursed my lips and shook my head.
No, I’m sorry, ma’am, no departures today…You have to stay…

She laffed, then said she wanted to get an early start, before the snow started to fall…I told her she was too late, snow plows had been driving past all night and she said while she used to live in the state, she long ago moved away and was no longer accustomed to driving in the snow…So I took the opportunity to review Sparrow’s Winter Driving Tips (SWDTs). 

One, four seconds between you and the car in front of you…There is no argument about this, you must keep a safe distance between you and whatever’s in front of you…This rule of thumb is better than old standard of a car length for every ten miles per hour you’re going if you ask me, because it gives you more space at higher speeds, four seconds giving you sufficient time to move, safely, when the guy in front of you does something stupid. 

Two, don’t do anything – braking, steering, accelerating – too quickly…The quicker you do things the less control you have on an icy road…Three, for goodness sake, SLOW DOWN…Even more so than usual early in the season, when you are still getting your reaction time up to speed…I know I’ve been driving like an old maid the past couple of days. 

A lousy workout today…I was ready for a good one, decently rested and whatnot, but I got in there and Ryan was finishing up painting part of the floor…Well, I appreciate Ryan sprucing up because the place is starting to look like a real gym instead of some basement with some weights, but inhaling paint fumes isn’t straight out of the workout handbook and proper breathing is a big part of having good form…So I did a light workout, one exercise per body part, and I didn’t even do leg work because it was near a painted area and I didn’t want to inadvertently walk paint Ryan said was not completely dry. 

The big news is Sunday Spaghetti Night (SSN) was not – repeat, not – celebrated tonite…We had some garlic sausage lying around that needed to be cooked and we were going to have it last night but I slept too long and still more big news is we even sauteed some onions from the garden…The Wife cut them up and I tried a raw one and it was really good, sweeter than an onion from the store…The only downside was I burnt the onions…They were so burnt you couldn’t even call them carmelized…Charred was the only appropriate description. 

Got my ballot for next month’s election in the mail a couple of days ago…All we have this time are a couple of state issues, one allowing the state to keep money they are now obliged to give back and another to allow the several casinos in the state to accept sports wagers, which would be taxed of course…I’m voting no on both, tho The Wife is still undecided…I told her the purpose of women’s suffrage was to permit women to vote exactly how their husbands vote, but she still doesn’t believe me. 

In news from the wardrobe desk, I put my boot covers over my boots for winter…I didn’t get too much use out of the boots this spring and summer, but they’re good for winter use, with the boot covers. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log: 1000 Sunday until 1630 Sunday, an OK 6.5 hours to kick off the new sleep week…I set the alarm so I could go lift but as we saw I’d’ve been better off sleeping until I woke up. 

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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