The Diary of a Nobody/October 5

Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Saturday, October 5
Boy, we were so busy at the hotel Quentin only had time for one shifter – our complimentary post-work beverage at the bad – after I relieved him…He was rarin’ to go, too…I was in at my more or less usual quarter till and he did everything but put my uniform shirt on for me and clock me in…The only problem was the bar was so busy – we have two wedding parties in-house and they all seemed to be at the bar – that Q reported Jenny could only get around to him once…She completely ignored him for his second round, the one he gets for half-off, and he was sulking when he waddled into the office to assume his usual place in his usual lobby chair while waiting for his bus to arrive. 

Folks, when you initial the line on your registration card where you acknowledge you are entering a non-smoking facility, that’s not code for smoke all the weed you want…Good gravy…There were some noise complaints earlier so I was making a couple of extra patrols and around 0330 or so the south end of the second floor smelled like a Grateful Dead concert…The smell was prevalent around a good portion of the floor, which probably means more than one room was toking up…Bully for them…I couldn’t tell which rooms were the grievous offenders and even I could I didn’t particularly care. 

This reminded me of the time I was working security in Sin City and the NBA All-Star Game happened to be in town…Christ, you could smell the weed when you got off the elevator in the center of the floor which means they were probably cultivating it in their rooms…I don’t particularly like the smell of weed and recall spending no small amount of time in the stairwells at the end of each hall, which were open air. 

While not particularly busy, both wedding parties were getting head starts on Saturday’s festivities and there people in the lobby a lot up until 0200…Regular readers of this crap know that sometimes, usually, I make an appearance at the front desk, just for funsies, but tonight I didn’t.

This is a tuff call…On the one hand, it’s generally not too bad an idea to let them know someone’s there, just on general principle…It’s akin to the clerk at at the convenience store greeting you when you walk in…Yeah, he’s being polite, but he’s also letting you know he sees you, in case you’re thinking about getting frisky…Same deal here…They’re drunk and sometimes drunks take things from the sundry stand without paying or sometimes they get curious about how loud the lobby TV can get…On the other hand, if I do make an appearance, they may well remember that they want something from me…Tonite, tho, everyone was in good spirits and they all left soon enuff and didn’t seem to notice the front desk was unattended at all.

Speaking of the sundry stand, it was in complete disarray when I got in, looking like the 5th Marines had been thru: sodas, water, ice cream, Choco-tacos, all completely ravaged…Some nite auditors might fret that swing shift didn’t reprovision it but swing shift on a sold out weekend is insanely busy and it is not completely out of the question to expect your nite auditor to do it…One thing I could probably do a better job of is rotating stock…I generally tend to just put new stuff in front, so who knows how long the back stuff has been there…We go thru this with the coffee service creamers, too…I have no idea if anyone rotates the ones on the bottom. 

Had the first glove wearing of the season this morning, leaving the hotel…Actually, I wore them on the way in, too, but that doesn’t count because I really didn’t need them driving in…It was only in the low 40s but I needed a place to put them and my hands were as good a place as any…It was cold in the morning, tho, below freezing which is Authorized Glove Weather (AGW), of course. 

It wasn’t easy finding the gloves…Usually I leave them and watch cap(s) out on desk for the summer…I mean, we’re going to need them anyway, but in the spring I stowed them for the season…Initially, I thought I’d put them in the top of closet…I’d put the liner for one of my jackets there, and some other things, but not my gloves…I checked the bottom drawers of the dresser drawer and no dice there, so I worked my up and BOOM there they were, in the top drawer. 

Sparrow’s Sleep Log:
0845 Saturday until 1145 Saturday
1830 Saturday until 2130 Saturday

That’s right, a split Saturday Sleep Session (SSS)…6.0 hours total and we barely sneak in with 50.5 hours for the week.

I could not get back to sleep after waking up to use the can…After what turned out to be a bit less than an hour I said screw it and got up and put some coffee on…The Wife was, and I am not making this up, washing our cars…Both needed it and somehow she managed to displace the driver side windshield wiper on my car…I didn’t ask how.

Dinner was tacos, the second time we’ve had them in the past week…I’m not complaining…I like her tacos, and I suspect she made them so she could test drive her new taco shell rack…It holds a half-dozen shells or so however, when you fry your own shells like The Wife does, it is not immediately clear if you put the shell in the slot face up or facedown over the humps that form that slots

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Anything else is a coincidence. 

It was inspired by the 19th century British novel of the same name. 

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