December 2, 2017

Friends, The Daily Dose and The Thought for the Day will be taking some time off. At least this week, maybe more. We’ll see.

The Bottom Ten, of course, will run as scheduled. The second coming wouldn’t stop that. The final NCAA Bottom Ten survey of 2017 will run Tuesday and the following week it will be the traditional Bottom Ten Bowl Game Edition. The NFL Bottom Ten will continue to move on Wednesday and the entire fiasco will end with the return of the Bottom Ten Best Of edition in early January.

But The Daily Dose and The Thought for the Day need a break. In their stead, you will be seeing some Gaylon For Congress columns move. For the uninitiated, I was the Libertarian nominee for Congressional District 3 last year and in 2014 I was their nominee for the United States Senate, a fact it still gives me a great deal of pleasure to trot out.

Now, we have not decided if we are going to run in 2018. There are a variety of considerations and while we probably will, we don’t know for sure yet. Still, though, there are some things I want to discuss regardless if I run or not, so batten down the hatches because not only will I have columns, but some videos as well.

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