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Meet Sparrow, an average man passing an average life…

Thursday, April 21
Very slow today at work…Ariel, the operator, called off, so I was able to sit in the back at the PBX desk and, of all things, do some training I had actually done when I was hired but the system never credited me with…I actually had to sit through it all again and I printed out the final page of each session, usually my score on the quiz, and saved it to show it’d been done…One of them was the sexual harassment video, which is not short…The PBX desk is right next to the desk where the housekeepers are run from…It’s called rooms control and today Scott, a vet like me and a good guy and an assistant housekeeping manager, was doing rooms control.

Hey Scott, this babe is withholding some work stuff from this guy until he comes over to her place for dinner and puts out…

Scott leans over and looks at screen.

Sparrow: I mean, there’s a problems with this???
Scott glances up at me: I don’t see one, Sparrow…

I spent no small amount of time answering Scott’s phone, too…It’s always a housekeeper reporting they are done with something and awaiting further instructions and they all speak Spanish, a language I am only vaguely familiar with, but I got to dust off most of my Spanish…Works like ready (listo), where (donde) and OK (OK) all rolled off my tongue…From the front office I could hear both Araceli and Milena giggling.

Got an email from Stanko, the post adjutant today, too…He told me he tried to make contact with a young who applied to go to our Boys State program this summer…Stanko also said he would be out of town and could I try to follow up with the kid???…Well, sure, I’d be happy too, which made me laff because Stanko has always been under the impression that his email or cell phone won’t work outside of town and I am the only one who can possibly deal with things while he is gone.

The Diary of a Nobody is a novel. All elements are either products of Gaylon’s imagination or are used fictitiously. 

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