The Thought for the Day – February 22, 2016

You will have seen that this life is…something produced by the self. – Gore Vidal, Creation

Our life. Our results. When it comes down to it, what we get out of our life is dependent on what we put into it.

We can only depend on outside institutions – religion, education, government, to name three – so much. There comes a time when we must field test what we’ve learned by actually going out and living, by comparing and contrasting what we’ve been taught with the way life is actually lived. To do that we must follow our hearts and trust our instincts. Only when we do that will we experience life’s great prize: knowing oneself.

Nothing else matters, really. Only until we are completely in tune with ourselves and know exactly what we are about can we maximize our time on this planet. Only when we are in step with what we should be doing with our life can be make our time serve us and be of any use to either ourselves or our fellow humans.

…this life is…something produced by the self.

Vidal himself was an excellent example of this. He knew, from the start he was a writer, that he had something to say, and the only way he was going to pass a life well-spent was to say what he felt needed to be said.

We can all pass lives well-spent. Every single one of us. We all have our talents and we have obligation to get the most out of them. Only then will we be of any use to ourselves or our fellow humans.

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