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Some swear by you, some swear at you. – Matthew McKeon, Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps

The failure of some to grasp what others believe to be true is a constant in our human experience. Though us humans are, more or less, 99 percent alike, that one percent, made up both of traits issued by nature and by our own experiences, produces the differences that, as Mark Twain said, makes horse racing so interesting.

I’ve run into this many times over the years, particularly in leadership positions. There are some who are on board with you, and some that are not. I found this especially true running for the United States Senate in 2014.

Any candidate who speaks from the heart – as opposed to candidates who merely tell you what you want to hear – truly believes in what he says and is confounded when not everyone embraces his deeply held beliefs. I found this true on a few issues. My favorite was the death penalty.

The purpose of The Thought for the Day is not to preach, but I believe that even the most casual evidence shows this nation has executed innocent people. There have been too many innocent people released from prison to believe otherwise. There are those that do believe otherwise, however and these beliefs must be respected, if not agreed with.

It’s a lesson that presented itself many times and there is no reason to think these lessons will not be reinforced in this year’s Congressional campaign. And I’m on the other end of this, too. There are those with deep –seated beliefs I simply do not agree with. It’s all right and the way the world is built.

Some swear by you, some swear at you…

The key is to realize there are some people you simply are not going to please. So we shouldn’t bother trying. Leaders who have the best interest of those under them at heart and who lead from the heart will have most swearing by them. We must all remember that not everyone hears every voice, however. There are some that will not be reached.

Editor’s Note: Gaylon is the Libertarian nominee for Congress from Colorado’s 3rd District. His official campaign site is


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