The Thought for the Day – Deng Ming Dao

This is the moment of embarking. All auspicious signs are in place. – Deng Ming Dao, 365 Tao

Today’s Thought has resonated with us at various times over the years. Oftentimes this is when we’ve made a momentous decision or set out on a long-awaited path. These are significant times in our lives, waypoints that mark the life we’ve chosen to lead, lines of demarcation that separate what we did yesterday from what we will do tomorrow, from what we are from what we will be.

It is not, however, reserved exclusively for moments of great import. Simply waking up and going through our morning routine can be a moment of embarking, too. We can either make our time today serve us, or we can spend the day marking time, serving another day of our sentence on this planet.

The choice is ours, but it’s not always easy. We must have a plan for our lives, a plan that goes beyond merely getting by, a plan that not only takes into account getting the most out of today, but also provides guidance for some time down the road.

Every moment is positive at the moment of embarking. Our enthusiasm and our energy are boundless, the day in, day out labors attendant with our great enterprise are a problem for another day. For this moment, at least, everything we want is there for the taking.

And it is, too; most people have some zero clue what can be accomplished in this life. And making a plan for success isn’t particularly difficult because it’s easy to say this is what I am today and this is what I’m going to be tomorrow.

But accomplishment takes courage. Human nature ensures that we find it difficult to break away from the lives everyone else is living; it takes courage to break the mold. We must have a plan for our lives and we must have the patience to pursue our dreams with diligence and courage. Every day must be a moment of embarking.


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