The Thought for the Day – Deng Ming-Dao

…the ultimate opponent is the warrior’s own self…To actually overcome one’s own defects is the nature of victory. – Deng Ming Dao, 365 Tao

Deng Ming-Dao is an American writer and artist. He has written several books about the Chinese spiritual discipline known as Tao, including the book today’s Thought is stolen from. The effect 365 Tao has had both on our lives and our work as a writer is profound and we give 365 Tao the highest possible recommendation, regardless of whether your current spiritual path involves a Supreme Being, a Buddha or a goat. 

We all have our strengths, of course, but we are all battling something. Personally, we have always fought, among other things, the weight battle and we are some of the great procrastinators in human history.

The work required to overcome our defects is enormous. It requires wisdom, courage and patience, and in no small measure, either.

First, we must have the wisdom to identify our defects. This is not easy because not everyone is willing or able to subject themselves to the required self-examination. Then we need the courage to go and do something about our defects, to put the work in that is required to overcome them. Then we need the patience to see the process through to conclusion. Change does not happen immediately and it takes patience to go the many required miles.

To actually overcome one’s own defects is the nature of victory…

Regular readers of this crap know that from time to time we’ve talked about wisdom, courage and patience being the elements of success. And, not surprisingly, when we’ve utilized these traits to overcome our defects, we will usually find that success is there waiting for us.  

Overcoming ourselves is sometimes our biggest battle. When we are able to do that, when wisdom, courage and patience yield their customary rewards, we will have our ultimate victory.

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