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America was the world’s policeman, too materialistic and perhaps even a little lazy, but all in all very much the world’s last, best hope. – Evan Thomas, Ike’s Bluff

This book is an excellent chronicle of the Eisenhower presidency, focusing particularly on America’s development of nuclear weapons, and the start of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. I highly recommend it for both casual fans of history and the more scholarly folks out there

Today’s quote is just as relevant about today as it was when referring to the 1950’s.

Despite our best efforts to muck this up, America is still, very much, the world’s last best hope for global leadership. However, in a world screaming for American guidance, we are taking a flier. Instead of providing an example of peace, we have spent the past 25 years at war. Instead of giving other nations the dignity of conducting their affairs without our interference, we meddle incessantly in the affairs of others, despite the fact History shows US meddling seldom does us or those we are pestering any good.

We’ve gotten a little lazy, too. I have two favorite examples. The first is that the only nation to send men to the moon can no longer send anyone into space anymore. Forget going to Mars. I’ve always felt we could have had men on Mars in the 1980’s but we lost interest. We might get them there by 2040, or we might not.

The second is the 2014 midterm elections, where the United States Congress had 96 percent of incumbents reelected, despite an approval rating of eleven percent. America was not happy with their government, but we were unwilling to do anything about it.

all in all very much the world’s last, best hope… 

We still are, but it is up to you and me – we the people – to get it done.

Nothing in this country happens without our consent. It might not seem that way. Sometimes it seems our government is in the hands of the incumbents, the media and lobbyists and all we are are outsiders trying to get a peek inside the candy store.

Nothing is further from the truth, though. Our government is still in our hands. All we need are demanding and participating American voters determined to ensure we get the government we deserve.

It’s there for the taking. The government we want is as close as the next election. All we have to do is go get it.

Editor’s Note: Gaylon is the Colorado Libertarian Party’s 2016 nominee for the 3rd Congressional District seat.


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