The Thought for the Day – Lionel Messi

We’ve been spectacular from day one and we deserved this – Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is a professional soccer player. He is generally regarded as one of the very best in the world and currently plays for the Argentinian national team.

Today’s Thought came after Argentina beat the United States 4-0 – which is a pretty big blowout in soccer – Tuesday in the semifinals of the Copa America soccer tournament. With the win Argentina – possessors of a long and proud soccer history – advance to the championship game of the tournament against either Colombia or Chile.

We’ve never seen the point to false modesty. The only people this does any good are those who have nothing to be modest about. If you’re good at something, it’s OK to say so. You don’t want to be a braggart or become obnoxious about it, of course, but it is possible to show humility while acknowledging your attainments.

We’ve been spectacular from day one…

Messi was doing that here. It would have been folly for him to suggest it was mere luck that had had gotten them this far or that the Argentinian national team really wasn’t very good. Because Argentina has been spectacular in the tournament, outscoring their opponents 10-1 in pool play and 8-1 in their two knockout stage games and Messi’s comment comes from the confidence borne of skill, diligence and teamwork.

we deserved this…

You put in enough work at something you have a knack for you will generally meet with success. When you do, there is no reason to hide behind your accomplishment. It’s OK acknowledge you did well. False modesty doesn’t do anyone any good.

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